VPN Vulnerabilities Point Out Need for Comprehensive Remote Security

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#VPN Vulnerabilities Point Out Need for Comprehensive Remote #Security | #TpromoCom #Data | VPNs are the primary tool for securing remote access, but recently disclosed vulnerabilities point out the weakness of relying on them as the only tool.

“Encryption Everywhere” has become one of the rallying cries of enterprise security in the waning days of this millennium’s second decade. But when one of the foundation technologies of enterprise encryption is broken, the repercussions can spread far beyond the security team to cover everything the systems are supposed to protect.

That’s why the recent DHS CISA notice of vulnerabilities in four VPN applications is worrying and the details of the vulnerability particulars are so eye-opening. As it turns out, the vulnerabilities aren’t really in the basic encryption engines at work in the VPNs — they’re in the way the information on whether a particular session has been authenticated is stored and protected.

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