Video surveillance crystal ball: Industry predictions for 2019

Video surveillance crystal ball: Industry predictions for 2019 | #TpromoCom #VideoSurveillance #AI #Prediction | One of the popular refrains in the world of entertainment today seems to be, “what once was old is new again,” given all of the remakes of popular films and television shows that Hollywood has put out of late. It’s a novel concept: introducing a new generation of moviegoers and TV audiences to tried and true characters and stories by giving them a makeover or a new plot twist without having to completely reinvent the wheel.

In the video surveillance market, it could be said that analytics are getting their shot at an industry reboot.  Having overpromised and under-delivered a decade ago, recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software have made intelligent video analysis a realistic capability for end-users to deploy at scale. Of course, the technology is still in its infancy and there are a number of challenges that must be overcome before it can be widely adopted. (Please scroll down for more )

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