Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations

Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #Fraud #Money | Skimmers on card readers at gas station pumps seem to be becoming more commonplace.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “skimmers are illegal card readers attached to payment terminals. These card readers grab data off a credit or debit card’s magnetic stripe without your knowledge. Criminals sell the stolen data or use it to buy things online. You won’t know your information has been stolen until you get your statement or an overdraft notice.”

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Editor’s Note: We’ve featured gas skimming news articles on Security eNews in the past. Here are a list of those articles with links to the pages where they appear on this Website. –Al Colombo

  • Two Nabbed Using Credit Card Skimmer To Steal Bank Info, Shelton Police Say | #TpromoCom #CreditCard #ATM #Bank | Jordy Diggins, 28, of Mount Vernon, and Jahquane Rennix, 19, of Queens, and were arrested by Shelton Police on Wednesday, April 10, following an investigation into complaints from residents that their bank accounts had been comprised, said Shelton Police Det. Richard Bango. (click here)
  • Skimmer found on Broadview Heights ATM; PHOTOS | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #ATM #Bank #Security | Have you ever seen a “skimmer” in place at an ATM? If you said no, don’t feel alone, I haven’t either. In this news article, however, you will find out some ways in which to spot this ploy at stealing your money. In fact, we’re featuring a number of videos below to help assure that you do not become a victim of this kind of crime. (click here)
  • FBI warns drivers about card skimmers at the gas pump | #TpromoCom #FBI#Scam #Fraud #Keypad | The FBI and Secret Service want drivers to pay attention when swiping their cards. A warning has been issued about those card skimmers that can be placed on card readers at the gas pumps. The scam is costing people thousands of dollars. Right now, agents are out working to locate and recover the devices in 21 states and the effort comes at a particularly busy time. (click here)
  • How To Spot And Avoid Card Skimmers At The Gas Pump | #TpromoCom #creditcard #credit #scam | See how to spot credit card skimmers and learn simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. (click here)
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