The Medical App That Could Mean Life or Death

The Medical App That Could Mean Life or Death | #TpromoCom #Smartphone #Health #Medical | In the September 2018 issue of Readers Digest there’s a short, one-page story entitled, “This Smartphone Feature Could Save Your Life,” written by Juliana Labianca.

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It was so good, that I decided to download the app myself as suggested. The reason why you need to consider this is that if your cell has a pass code, and if you’re in the middle of a heart attack, paramedics might like to know something about your health situation. Your smartphone could provide them with that info, saving them much critical time, thus saving your life.

According to Labianca, some smartphones have a feature that allows someone to type in “Emergency” in order to gain access to your medical diagnosis, historical data, medicines, etc. If you have an android, you may already have a Medical ID application. Look for it in your app library. If you have an i Phone, she says you may already have a “Health App” in your phone.

For those who do not appear to have a Medical ID app, there’s a free Health app, according to Labianca, that you can download–for free. She says it’s called, “Medical ID” and you can recognize it by way of a “bright red star on a white background.”

I installed it on my phone in no time and it was easy to find. Hope no one ever has to use it. Give it a whirl, for your health sake. —Al Colombo

4 Those with out a SmartPhone

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