Webinar: Start The Journey To Unlock Building Automation Data

Start The Journey To Unlock Building Automation Data | #TpromoCom #Automation #Webinar #BuildingAutomation | Finding value locked away in building automation systems is not a destination, but a journey. Each facility has its own unique challenges and opportunities – while we start projects to unlock that value, the data itself may point us in a new direction.

Facilities needs include energy savings, operational awareness, resilience, reliability or some combination of these objectives. How do we find a solution across these objectives and across the silos of our organization to light up the data we already have before we start to add more?

Join us for this free webinar as we present our journey through the operations at the San Leandro Tech Campus as well as value found on other journeys including NASA, Eli Lilly, University of Maryland, and University of California at Davis.

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TpromoCom provides affordable websites & blogs.

ADA Compliance For Facilities

ADA Compliance For Facilities | #TpromoCom #ADA #Compliance # | Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may not always be top of mind for property owners and facility management, but it is an essential checklist item throughout a property’s life cycle.

Becoming compliant (and remaining in compliance) with this federal legislation can save owners and managers considerable time and money, while not prioritizing the ADA and their responsibilities to occupants with disabilities could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and embroil them in litigation woes.

The first step to ADA compliance is education. It is important to understand what the Act is, what it was enacted to do, and how past and future amendments could impact stakeholders. It is also important to understand how the Act has affected people with disabilities as well as property owners and facility managers, and how owners and managers can identify cost-effective solutions to remain in compliance and maintain safe facilities.

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White Paper: Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management

White Paper: Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management | #TpromoCom #SmartPhone #EmergencyManagement #EmergencyNotification | When emergencies strike, there’s really no time to plan your next move. By then, the time for planning is past and now you’re forced to second guess your next action. If you’re in a position of responsibility for the safety and security of visitors, workers, and others within a structure, campus, or some other venue of mass importance, “Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management” is a must read. To download your copy of “Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management”, click here: http://bit.ly/2EkIgfO