Investigator Says Amazon Chief’s Phone Hacked by Saudis

Investigator Says Amazon Chief’s Phone Hacked by Saudis | #TpromoCom #Amazon #Hacker #CyberSecurity | Everyone’s a target sometime when it comes to cybercrime. The art of avoidance where it involves hackers is certainly of great value as we move further into the 21st Century world of digital thuggery and political terrorism.

Here we have a high official with Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who’s cellphone was allegedly hacked by a foreign entity for what could be construed as an effort to uncover the identity of the individual that murdered a Saudi journalist. Bezos owns The Washington Post which investigated the murder.

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“Bezos hired Gavin de Becker & Associates to find out how his intimate text messages and photos made their way into the hands of the Enquirer, which reported on the Amazon chief’s extramarital affair, leading to his divorce,” says the author of the Security Week story below. The moral of the story is to trust no one, not even your own mobile device. —Al Colombo

The investigator hired to look into the release of intimate images of Jeff Bezos said Saturday he has concluded that Saudi Arabian authorities hacked the Amazon chief’s phone to access his personal data.

Gavin de Becker linked the hack to extensive coverage by The Washington Post newspaper, which is owned by Bezos, of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul last year.

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Jason Calacanis says ADT the Loser With Ring – Amazon Deal

Jason Calacanis says ADT the Loser With Ring – Amazon Deal | #TpromoCom #Amazon #Riing #ADT | Amazon announced Tuesday it was buying the smart doorbell maker. The deal is worth a reported $1 billion and could help the company jump an important hurdle in its Amazon Key delivery business.

“Jason Calacanis claims that the Amazon Ring deal is a knee buster for ADT from a financial standpoint and he cites the ‘thousands of dollars’ and ‘$100 a month’ fees charged by ADT as why people ‘hate that company.’ The truth of the matter is, ADT installs residential systems for next to nothing and they subsidize it with a monthly that might be a bit higher than traditional alarm companies, but certainly is not $100 a month out of the gate,” says Al Colombo, a 30-plus trade publication journalist. “You be the judge in this story and I’m opening up the comment section on this news item for you to voice your opinions, or send an email to”

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IC Realtime Video Surveillance Cameras Integrate with Amazon Echo Show

IC Realtime Video Surveillance Cameras Integrate with Amazon Echo Show | #TpromoCom #videosurveillance #camera | By way of development work with Amazon’s camera API, IC Realtime has made it possible for more than 100 of its video surveillance cameras to stream live video to Echo Show.  Sent securely through IC Realtime’s ICMyCloud service, the video is activated by simply saying ‘Alexa, Show My Camera’

“The effort between IC Realtime and Amazon represents professionally-installed products integrating with Do-it-Yourself products. It’s also a prime example of today’s Smart Home graduating to an Internet of Things Smart Home,” says IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor

Pompano Beach, FL – June 22, 2017 IC Realtime announced today a surveillance camera integration with Amazon Echo Show. The result of a significant development project wherein IC Realtime’s R&D team worked with Amazon’s camera Application Programming Interface (API), more than 100 existing IC Realtime surveillance cameras have the added ability to stream live video to Echo Show.

IC Realtime offers a wide array of video surveillance cameras and recorders. The brand is well-recognized within the professional security channels for its products’ performance attributes and ability to natively integrate with complex home automation systems. The company’s products are sold and installed worldwide by security systems and audio-video integration specialists.

IC Realtime models compatible with Echo Show include the brand’s suite of ‘ICIP’ series IP cameras (68 models in total) as well as dozens of its Standard- and High-Definition cameras that work in conjunction with an IC Realtime digital video recorder.

According to IC Realtime Technical Manager of Software Integration Chris Callaway, because the Amazon Alexa architecture is primarily Internet-connected, a requirement of the Amazon integration is that connectivity of cameras must take place through a back-end cloud service.

For several years IC Realtime has offered subscribers a cloud storage service called ICMyCloud, which grants users in home and business settings the ability to stream and record high-definition video footage from their IC Realtime cameras as often as 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  IC Realtime’s Echo Show compatible cameras connect through ICMyCloud.

Locations in the home where security cameras are commonly placed include nursery rooms, entertainment and living rooms, front/side/back doors, garages, pool areas and more.

The ICMyCloud camera works with Echo Show the following way: “The Alexa ‘skill’ pulls the ‘Camera Name’ you’ve assigned within ICMyCloud,” says Callaway. “Let’s say for example you have named a camera for the Nursery.  You simply say, ‘Alexa, Show the Nursery camera.’ Alexa would respond with ‘OK, showing Nursery camera’ and begin its stream. When you are finished, you would simply instruct Alexa to ‘Hide my Camera.’”

Callaway also notes that keeping the video data safe is of the highest-priority. “IC Realtime implements stringent security protocols for the cloud- and internet-connected camera integrations, ensuring support of strong encryption methods, password complexity, and unique session URLs to guarantee the strongest integrity possible,” says Callaway.

“The ability to share video from our security cameras via the Cloud to Echo Show is a prime example of today’s ‘Smart Home’ graduating to an ‘Internet of Things Smart Home,’” says IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor. “IC Realtime and its parent company IC Real Tech continue to bring to market innovative ways for people to capture and interact with their video surveillance – from crime/forensics to 360-degree lifestyle video.”

Expanding upon the popular Alexa devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot, Echo Show adds a 7-inch touchscreen, dual Dolby optimized speakers, video-calling and a front-facing camera.

IC Realtime is the leading IP video surveillance camera brand in the custom residential channel. The company makes a vast array of security cameras and video recorders. Notable achievements include the company’s pioneering of the Cloud Video Recorder™ and the IC Real Tech ALLie Home 360-degree x 360-degree Lifestyle camera.

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About IC Realtime
Established in 2006, IC Realtime is an American-owned and operated digital surveillance and technology product innovator and manufacturer that serves many facets of the government, military, commercial and residential channels.  The company’s mission statement is to innovate, deliver and support global video technology.  IC Realtime’s technological breakthroughs include pioneering the introduction of the Cloud Video Recorder™ and most recently the ground-breaking IC720 360° x 360° situational awareness video surveillance camera.  The company is also a strong supporter of the UL2802 performance testing standard for camera image quality.  In the 2012 – 2017 CEPro Magazine CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis, IC Realtime ranked as #1 IP camera / surveillance brand.  IC Realtime is part of parent / holding company IC Real Tech, formed in 2014.,,

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