Is the US losing the artificial intelligence arms race?

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Is the US losing the artificial intelligence arms race? | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #War | The U.S. government, long a proponent of advancing technology for military purposes, sees artificial intelligence as key to the next generation of fighting tools.

The U.S. defense community is coming to understand that AI will significantly transform, if not completely reinvent, the world’s military power balance. The concern is more than military. As Chinese and Russian technologies become more sophisticated, they threaten U.S. domination of technological innovation and development, as well as global economic power and influence.

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Personal Perspective: The issue of AI in military hands is a frightening one in that once you open that bottle and the Genie jumps out, you’re NOT going to put him back. Elon Musk has been very vocal on this right from the start, especially since he works with AI in his engineering work.

A number of years ago when AI engineers began working on AI tech, I read a number of comments made by them. Most common, ordinary people would be just as concerned as I was, and still am with what I read. The brunt of it is, “We know there’s a potential for annihilation by our own contrived, mechanized children, but they will embody the essence of humanity by virtue of the fact that we made them.”

I’m not sure about you, but that kind of statement by the creators of the first AI prototypes is disconcerting. Here’s another report released over the past few daze that should also cause you some concern: Click Here! –Al Colombo

Human Investigation Management – ISIO
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Artificial Intelligence Is Making Increasing Headway In The Enterprise Back Office

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Increasing Headway In The Enterprise Back Office | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Software | Artificial intelligence is making some of the most remarkable progress in back offices of enterprises of all types.

The back office is where business operations that support the main customer-facing parts of the organization operate. It handles finance and accounting, human resources, supply chain and logistics operations, IT and support technology, and all the other bits and pieces of the enterprise that are needed to make the rest of the operation work smoothly.

The back office is the place where everything happens that doesn’t directly deal with customers. This can be anything from research, scheduling the receipt and making of payments, or management of facilities. Much of these operations involve human activities and business processes that can be improved and expedited through the use of intelligent, AI-enabled technology and systems.

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6 Design Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Digital Business

6 Design Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Digital Business | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Marketing | CIOs can make the most of artificial intelligence by applying it to strategic digital business objectives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can augment or automate decisions and tasks today performed by humans, making it indispensable for digital business transformation. With AI, organizations can reduce labor costs, generate new business models, and improve processes or customer service. However, most AI technologies remain immature.

The future is now!

“To overcome this hurdle, CIOs must ensure that applications intended to serve a strategic business purpose, such as increasing revenue or scaling services, are designed for strategic plans,” says Jorge Lopez, Distinguished Vice President Analyst, Gartner.

“AI generates insights that lead directly to business execution”

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New Integrator RMR Opportunities with an Outdoor Video Surveillance System that Thinks and Acts Like a Human

The remarkable leased intelligent surveillance solution for outdoor protection.

New Integrator RMR Opportunities with an Outdoor Video Surveillance System that Thinks and Acts Like a Human | #TpromoCom #Memoreyes #Security #Integrators | New Opportunities for Qualified Integrators to Participate in a National Dealer Program.


ATLANTA (April 10, 2019) — MemoreyesTM, the developer of a smart, first-of-its-kind, revolutionary outdoor video surveillance system, is looking for qualified integrators to participate in its national dealer program.

The company will provide integrators with training that centers on its patent-pending, Megapixel/HD–quality, pan-tilt-zoom camera system with machine learning. Memoreyes’ unique video offering provides an unprecedented set of advanced, almost human-like capabilities.

Memoreyes’ Entrance System

“Integrators are a key part of our business plan,” says Memoreyes Founder and CEO John Collings. “Our Model 360 goes far beyond traditional outdoor cameras and opens up new opportunities for them with an entirely new commercial customer base and an entirely new category of managed services.”

Using thermal, sound, and radar sensors, the system analyzes 360-degree target data and focuses on situational awareness for personal and property protection. The system directs cameras to an event and ensures that the system identifies, tracks, and records any unusual behavioral patterns, accidents, altercations, or loud noises such as a gunshot.

Thanks to this new technology, the Memoreyes system can quickly differentiate between authorized individuals and potentially hostile targets. Through machine learning, it also intuitively anticipates potential risks and automatically responds to evolving situations using light, sound, and voice messaging. Over time the system learns the habits and trends associated with each camera within each specific setting, enabling it to quickly identify departures from the norm.

Collings, the original designer and founder of Uplink cellular service, says that one of the company’s biggest hurdles was to create a facility-wide WiFi system that would reliably work in an outside environment. With that solved, strategically positioned cameras now work in tandem to provide 360-degree tracking of residents, visitors, and vehicles on the property on an as-need basis. This means that the system can cover large outdoor areas with a handful of cameras as opposed to traditional systems that often require dozens or even hundreds to do the same job.

While the primary objective of the Memoreyes Model 360 system is to deter crime, a second benefit is the documentation of data collected before, during, and after an event has taken place. With its high-definition video,law enforcement can rely on this data for arrest purposes and a conviction in a court of law.

Memoreyes’ All Property System

“We don’t rely on standard pixel-following methodology. Our sophisticated software is continually sampling the environment, analyzing visual and auditory inputs against known patterns,” explains Memoreyes Co-Founder and CTO David Tattersall. “At the same time, we have adopted comprehensive privacy policies, which protects owners, property managers, and residents alike.”

The complete system also includes an Entry/Exit Monitoring System that provides video of all oncoming, passing, and departing vehicles. This includes clear and concise license plate reading, even at night or in bad weather.

Beyond the revolutionary technology is the price point. Because the system can cover large outdoor areas with only a handful of cameras, the cost savings can be substantial, as much as 75 percent less than alternative systems. The company offers an affordable leasing program which will save end users money in both the short and long term.

For more information on the system or to become part of the dealer program,, email us at Memoreyes@Tpromo.Com or call 770-989-1776.

About Memoreyes

Memoreyes was founded by John Collings and David Tattersall in 2014 to provide an innovative and revolutionary outdoor video surveillance system that would improve safety and deter criminal activity at multi-family housing, hospitals, campuses, office complexes, malls, and retail outlets. The concept grew from a multi-family housing owner’s request to make their surveillance cameras do more to deliver better security for residents. By utilizing machine learning along with advanced sensor technology that makes the camera think and act like a human being, the new system is transforming outdoor security. Comprehensive and affordable, Memoreyes offers unprecedented situational awareness for personal and property protection and is backed by local installation and support technicians. The company is based in Atlanta, Ga.


Global Goalscast: The global impact of artificial intelligence

The global impact of artificial intelligence | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Global | As artificial intelligence becomes a bigger part of our lives, people across the globe are working to use the technology in ways that will have the most positive impact. In this edition of the Global Goalscast, hosts Edie Lush and Claudia Romo Edelman take a look at what AI means for sustainable development.

To understand how AI is being used across the globe, it’s important to get outside Silicon Valley. So Lush met with two experts in Africa to get their perspective. Nathalie Munyampenda is managing director of the Next Einstein Forum, an international science group that believes the next Einstein will be from Africa. They are doing everything they can through education and training to make that happen. She introduced Lush to Abdigani Diriye, who works at the IBM research lab in Nairobi. He captured the difference between how AI is often talked about in the global north and south.

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New Research Finds Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Premature Death

New Research Finds Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Premature Death | #TpromoCom #AI #Forbes #Prediction | A University of Nottingham study says Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can predict premature death, a capability that could revolutionize preventative healthcare. (please scroll down for more)

In a study of over half a million people between the ages of 40 and 69, Nottingham’s team of healthcare data scientists and doctors have developed and tested their system of computer-based ML algorithms to predict the risk of early death due to chronic disease. And they say it works.

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Underestimated Risk & Overestimated Security: When All You Do Is React, it May Be Too Late

Underestimated Risk & Overestimated Security: When All You Do Is React, it May Be Too Late | #TpromoCom #AI #Webinar #Security | For decades, IT professionals have been fighting malware, hackers, and other threats. Data protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability have long been threatened not only by amateur hackers, but by profit-oriented, well-organised criminals. Victims can usually only react because many of the usual methods for detecting malware require knowledge about specific attack techniques, about the behavior or about signatures of specific malware families.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber security shows how things can be done differently – predictively and preventively. In this webcast, Jan Tietze of Cylance explains how you can stay one step ahead of attackers and protect yourself against tomorrow’s threats. Watch to learn more about:

  • What makes security solutions with AI so special;
  • What the mathematical approach in security tools is all about;
  • How to detect attackers and automate your response;
  • Why your company in particular can benefit from AI security.

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Artificial intelligence in detecting ovarian cancer and predicting flu

Artificial intelligence used to detect women with deadliest ovarian cancer | #TpromoCom #AI #Health #Cancer | AI in predictive health care appears to have no limits. Here are two examples where it can save lives and predict illnesses.

Technique picks out worst forms of disease that would not be recognized by conventional methods. As you can imagine, there are some forms of cancer that cannot easily be detected by the usual means that doctors use. One of the most common methods of detecting cancer involves an analysis of white to red blood cells within the circulatory system. At the same time, knowing which kind of cancer involves is critical to a successful cure. –Al Colombo, Security eNews

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In research published in Nature Communications, the researchers used their computer tool to test tissue samples from more than 500 women with ovarian cancer. In total the AI scanned nearly 150 million cells. –Gabbatiss, Science Correspondent with the Independent.

Harnessing Multiple Data Streams And Artificial Intelligence To Better Predict Flu | #TpromoCom #AI #Flu #Health | Influenza is highly contagious and easily spreads as people move about and travel, making tracking and forecasting flu activity a challenge.

While the CDC continuously monitors patient visits for flu-like illness in the U.S., this information can lag up to two weeks behind real time. A new study, led by the Computational Health Informatics Program (CHIP) at Boston Children’s Hospital, combines two forecasting methods with machine learning (artificial intelligence) to estimate local flu activity. Results are published today in Nature Communications.

When the approach, called ARGONet, was applied to flu seasons from September 2014 to May 2017, it made more accurate predictions than the team’s earlier high-performing forecasting approach, ARGO, in more than 75 percent of the states studied. This suggests that ARGONet produces the most accurate estimates of influenza activity available to date, a week ahead of traditional healthcare-based reports, at the state level across the U.S. To read the remainder of this informative news article, click here.

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