StoneLock Launches New Biometric Access Control Reader

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StoneLock Launches New Biometric Access Control Reader | #TpromoCom #Biometric #AccessControl | The reader, dubbed the ‘StoneLock GO’, is capable of scanning faces in a range of lighting conditions, from pitch dark to bright sunlight. It’s also capable of detecting multiple faces arranged in a potential ‘tailgating’ scenario in which an unauthorized user is attempting to gain entry by following on the heels of an authorized user, which it can automatically flag.

“… StoneLock GO takes full advantage of the functionality of the StoneLock Gateway released last year and is designed to protect both security and privacy concerns with an easy-to-use, transparent approach to access control.” – Colleen Dunlap, CEO and Co-founder, StoneLock

Together with StoneLock Gateway’s capability of registering and authenticating up to 20,000 users based on facial recognition, the StoneLock GO is being pitched as a solution for a range of high-throughput scenarios.

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