Smartphone market ‘a mess’ but annual tablet sales are also down

Smartphone market ‘a mess’ but annual tablet sales are also down | #TpromoCom #Smartphone #Cell #Mobile | Apple tops the list for most shipped tablets in 2018, while Huawei increased its smartphone penetration during the year.

Al Colombo, copywriter. Email him or On the Web.

“Not sure if you heard the big news, shipments of mobile devices in general is on the decline. That can be good or bad, depending on whom you speak with. For the security industry, it’s not good news because the electronic side of physical security relies on mobile devices to sell value-added recurring revenue, also called RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue).”

Al Colombo, long time trade journalist and copywriter in the security and life safety markets
Cell use is declining at this time and we know that because shipments of smartphones have waned as of recent times.

Tablet shipments dropped by 11.4 million devices to 173.8 million last year, a report from Strategy Analytics’ Connected Computing Devices (CCD) service has shown. It’s a similar story for smartphones, with the International Data Corporation (IDC) reporting a 4 percent drop in annual shipments.

Despite the lull, Strategy Analytics believes the tablet market shows signs of recovery.

Of the 173.8 million tablets devices shipped during the year, 54.8 million were accounted for in the fourth quarter — in line with gift-buying for the holiday season. 55.4 million were shipped in the fourth quarter a year prior.

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