Skimmer found on Broadview Heights ATM; PHOTOS

Skimmer found on Broadview Heights ATM; PHOTOS | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #ATM #Bank #Security | Have you ever seen a “skimmer” in place at an ATM? If you said no, don’t feel alone, I haven’t either. In this news article, however, you will find out some ways in which to spot this ploy at stealing your money. In fact, we’re featuring a number of videos below to help assure that you do not become a victim of this kind of crime. –Al Colombo

Here’s a heads up for anyone who uses credit or debit cards: Skimmers are still a very real threat. One was found Monday afternoon at an ATM in Broadview Heights.  Skimmers are small devices that fit inside the card slot on ATMs or gas pumps. Although they are hard to spot, they can steal your card information.

To read the remainder of this news story from Ohio, click here.

The following is another informative video on how to spot a skimmer. In this case, they producer (abc News) offers some detailed views of how it’s done.

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