The Memoreyes Video Safety System Prevents Crimes

The Memoreyes Video Safety System Prevents Crimes | #Memoreyes #CrimePrevention #Safety #SituationalAwareness | Memoreyes™, the Video Safety System that thinks and acts like a human, fights crime by being aware of its surroundings.

“I like to call it SAT, which is an acronym for Situationally Aware Technology,” says John Collings, founder and CEO, Memoreyes of Atlanta. “The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the environment and to then deter unwanted behavior when necessary. Our system not only detects and documents events at high resolution for future use, but it’s designed to see the right thing at the right time.”

The underlying premise behind the Memoreyes system is SAT, and that’s achieved through the use of a highly effective sensor package comprised of thermal imaging, radar, and sound. In a word, it enables the AI portion of the system, which is called ‘The Director,’ to literally see a 360-degree area. In fact, the Memoreyes system is built upon the understanding that ‘There’s more that goes on outside a camera’s field of view than in it.’

Using a cellular App, the Model 360, the ‘All Property’ system, is able to differentiate between people who belong and those that do not. Once authentication takes place, the Director is able to track unknowns in relation to known individuals. The system makes decisions based on multiple criteria, such as interception paths, velocity of an unknown versus a known target, sounds, and others things.

“The Memoreyes system networks with other cameras in the system to follow an event to its conclusion. Each camera knows where to look all by itself,” says Collings. “No ordinary video system can do that!”

The Memoreyes App enables authenticated users to request that the system ‘follow’ them as they proceed through an outdoor area. A good application for this might be a young lady heading for the dorms as she leaves the library on a college campus. She can get immediate help as well by pressing the panic button. Another application is a retail store manager carrying a money bag as they make their way through a dark parking lot to their car for a drive to a local bank.

The Memoreyes system doesn’t wait for an authorized user to request help. If it ‘sees’ that an unknown target is moving at a high velocity in an intercept path with a known individual, the Director will begin flashing lights and issuing audible warnings. The Memoreyes Model 100, ‘Entrance System,’ is equipped with seven HD cameras–four that provide a 360-degree view, and three for license plate reading.

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Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations

Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #Fraud #Money | Skimmers on card readers at gas station pumps seem to be becoming more commonplace.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “skimmers are illegal card readers attached to payment terminals. These card readers grab data off a credit or debit card’s magnetic stripe without your knowledge. Criminals sell the stolen data or use it to buy things online. You won’t know your information has been stolen until you get your statement or an overdraft notice.”

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Editor’s Note: We’ve featured gas skimming news articles on Security eNews in the past. Here are a list of those articles with links to the pages where they appear on this Website. –Al Colombo

  • Two Nabbed Using Credit Card Skimmer To Steal Bank Info, Shelton Police Say | #TpromoCom #CreditCard #ATM #Bank | Jordy Diggins, 28, of Mount Vernon, and Jahquane Rennix, 19, of Queens, and were arrested by Shelton Police on Wednesday, April 10, following an investigation into complaints from residents that their bank accounts had been comprised, said Shelton Police Det. Richard Bango. (click here)
  • Skimmer found on Broadview Heights ATM; PHOTOS | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #ATM #Bank #Security | Have you ever seen a “skimmer” in place at an ATM? If you said no, don’t feel alone, I haven’t either. In this news article, however, you will find out some ways in which to spot this ploy at stealing your money. In fact, we’re featuring a number of videos below to help assure that you do not become a victim of this kind of crime. (click here)
  • FBI warns drivers about card skimmers at the gas pump | #TpromoCom #FBI#Scam #Fraud #Keypad | The FBI and Secret Service want drivers to pay attention when swiping their cards. A warning has been issued about those card skimmers that can be placed on card readers at the gas pumps. The scam is costing people thousands of dollars. Right now, agents are out working to locate and recover the devices in 21 states and the effort comes at a particularly busy time. (click here)
  • How To Spot And Avoid Card Skimmers At The Gas Pump | #TpromoCom #creditcard #credit #scam | See how to spot credit card skimmers and learn simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. (click here)
Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!

Residents escape burning condo building despite not having fire alarms

Residents escape burning condo building despite not having fire alarms | #TpromoCom #Fire #FireAlarm #LifeSafety | WEST BEND, Wis. — All residents escaped a fire at a condo complex despite there not being a fire alarm system. The fire broke out about 1:20 a.m. Friday at the building on North River Drive in West Bend.

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Editor’s Note: As a former fire technician and alarm dealership owner/manager, I fully understand the issue of fire code and the fact that landlords that build only have to maintain their buildings to the code that was in force at the time they were constructed. However, on a personal level, I often wonder if there’s a better way.

I do not advocate changing the rules as they are because a landlord should not be legally challenged to follow changes in local fire code. Every time there would be a minor change, they’d be required to adjust their units accordingly, and although that would not be a bad thing for the tenants, it would cause undo financial hardship on many of those that rent because such changes in construction would ultimately fall at the feet of all those who rent from them, and that is the way it must be.

I believe that communities share in the responsibility to find an equatable way to provide incentives to landlords who take the initiative to bring their facilities up to present day fire code. Perhaps that can be accomplished through tax breaks, or perhaps through rate adjustments on water and rubbish pickup.

Yes, it will mean compromise in that the community at large will realize a loss of revenue, but there simply must be a way to make this happen without driving landlords out of business. For all of us to sit by and criticize a landlord for not having installed fire alarms in a 1980-built condo when he followed all the rules at the time will accomplish nothing.

It’s time that all of us put some skin in the game by sharing in the solution to this ongoing problem. —Al Colombo

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Emergency Notification Software Market 2019 : Global size, Share, Trends, Innovations

Emergency Notification Software Market 2019 : Global size, Share, Trends, Innovations | #TpromoCom #Emergency #BadWeather #Explosion | Emergency Notification Software Market Report is a exclusive/rare collection of Market Size, Share, Trends, Constraints and drivers of Key Industry.

Beginning with an examination on the current state of the Emergency Notification Software market, the research clarify the dynamics affecting each segment within it. The report has been established using a unique research methodology specifically designed for this market.

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Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management | #TpromoCom #Emergency #Mobile | When emergencies strike, there’s really no time to plan your next move. By then, the time for planning is past and now you’re forced to second guess your next action.

If you’re in a position of responsibility for the safety and security of visitors, workers, and others within a structure, campus, or some other venue of mass importance, “Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management” is a must read. To download your copy of “Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management,” click here.

Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!

Strategies for Security and Smart Home

Strategies for Security and Smart Home | #TpromoCom #SmartHome #HomeAutomation | CONNECTIONS Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart Home, 19-20 November in Amsterdam, focuses on advancements and growth in smart home, security, connected health, and energy management solutions for Europe and around the world.

Smart Home Channels:
Moving to Mass Market

Evolution of Retailers and Smart Home Merchandising
Insurance and Smart Home Products
DIY & Expanding Home Security Use Cases
Role of Service Providers in the EU Smart Home
Business Models, Consumer Engagement, Value-Added Services
Standalone Devices v. Whole Home Systems
Business Model Innovations
Connected Entertainment and Smart Home: Bridging Parallel Ecosystems
Smart Healthcare for Connected Consumers
Energy Management Solutions

Smart Home and IoT:
Present and Future Innovations

Smart Home Platforms: Building Service Revenues
Data Security and Privacy: Empowering Consumers
Interoperability: Technology Convergence and Expanding the Smart Home
Converging Technology: Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning
Support and Installation: Making the Smart Home Work
Voice and UI Innovations
Ensuring a Premium Home Network and Wi-Fi Experience

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Recent Reports of Significant Fires in the US

Video: Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Vegetation Fire, Save Homes | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Fire #Video | Just before 6:30 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County firefighters were dispatched to a vegetation fire in the area of Kite Way and Warbler Drive which was threatening homes in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed fire threatening homes and requested a second alarm response for structure protection (click here).

Firefighters battle extreme heat in 5-alarm Dorchester fire | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Fire #Video | Dozens of firefighters faced extreme heat conditions as they battled a five-alarm fire in Dorchester late Sunday afternoon that displaced about 30 people from three triple-deckers on Quincy Street.

One firefighter had to be taken to the hospital, and at least two others were treated at the scene, said Brian Alkins, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department (click here).

1 firefighter hurt in 8-alarm Natick fire | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Injury #Fire | The Natick deputy fire chief said the cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is not considered suspicious.

Fire crews attempted to pinpoint the cause of the fire in the basement, but withdrew when conditions grew too dangerous.

One firefighter suffered an arm injury. No civilian injuries were reported, and no one was inside when the fire started (click here).

Marketers Take Note: Facebook is Changing its Ad Format from Next Month

Marketers Take Note: Facebook is Changing its Ad Format from Next Month | #TpromoCom #Marketing #Business #Facebook | If you’re using Facebook for advertising, you need to be aware of this update.

Over on the Facebook Business blog, The Social Network has announced that – starting from August 19th – mobile News Feed ads will be compressed in order to “match the look and feel of the new Facebook design introduced earlier this year”.

Editor’s Note: If you’re in charge of marketing in your company, you should read this article. It will affect you whether or not you read it. You may as well get a leg up on it now. –Al Colombo

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Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Increasing Headway In The Enterprise Back Office

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Increasing Headway In The Enterprise Back Office | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Software | Artificial intelligence is making some of the most remarkable progress in back offices of enterprises of all types.

The back office is where business operations that support the main customer-facing parts of the organization operate. It handles finance and accounting, human resources, supply chain and logistics operations, IT and support technology, and all the other bits and pieces of the enterprise that are needed to make the rest of the operation work smoothly.

The back office is the place where everything happens that doesn’t directly deal with customers. This can be anything from research, scheduling the receipt and making of payments, or management of facilities. Much of these operations involve human activities and business processes that can be improved and expedited through the use of intelligent, AI-enabled technology and systems.

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