Behind the code: a conversation with an ethical hacker

When most people think of hackers they think of movie tropes; hooded teens stood on street corners uttering “I’m in” in hushed tones before taking down the evil corporation. Or maybe we’ve just watched Hackers too many times.

In the real world, hackers are a blight, stealing sensitive information and shutting down essential services. Thankfully, there are also ethical hackers, known as ‘white hats’, who basically do everything that illegal hackers do, but then helpfully explain how they’ve done it after.

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Connected Healthcare Device Ownership on the Rise

These are exciting, yet challenging times in the marketplace for healthcare devices. One-third of U.S. broadband households now own a connected health device, up from 24% in 2013. The greatest increases have occurred in the fitness tracker and smart watch areas, which are experiencing high levels of growth. Market leaders such as Fitbit and Apple Watch have emerged, but adoption remains concentrated within the younger and more general-purpose consumers. Opportunity exists in the 65+ market, where consumers face a variety of health and mobility challenges. As the Baby Boomers age, demand for connected health devices addressing their needs will increase.

Authorities place CCTV cameras at village archives

The North Korean authorities are reportedly installing security cameras (CCTV) at national archive centers that house official documents. The efforts appear to be aimed at preventing domestic information leaks.
Even a small town in Komdok County, South Hamgyong Province has suddenly installed CCTV cameras at the village archives.

Police release CCTV of Mercedes with possible links to Avondale Heights woman’s death

Police investigating the suspicious death of Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski have said they have a suspect or suspects in mind as they released CCTV footage of a car similar to the one the 47-year-old owned, captured on the day she disappeared.

Ms Ristevski’s body was found in bushland in the Mount Macedon Regional Park on 20 February after months of searching, including around the river near her Avondale Heights home in Melbourne’s north-west, 50 kilometres from where she was located.

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CCTV captures gunman fleeing in car after Imran Khan was shot in busy Sydney park

A gunman is on the run and dozens of children have been left traumatised after a shooting in a busy park in Sydney’s south-west.

Twenty-year-old Imran Athar Khan was shot a number of times in the legs at the southern end of Thurina Park in Villawood on Wednesday night.

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Edinburgh CCTV serious assault images released

Police officers investigating a serious assault in Edinburgh earlier this year have released images of a man they want to speak to.

They said a 20-year-old man sustained a “significant facial injury” in an attack in George Street at about 02:45 on Sunday 5 March.

A man pictured in CCTV footage may, they said, be able to assist the investigation.

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CCTV images

HMP Pentonville escape: Prisoners used CCTV pole

Two prisoners who escaped jail by sawing through a metal bar, clambering over roofs and swinging round a CCTV pole on a sheet have been sentenced.

Matthew Baker, 29, and James Whitlock, 32, went on the run in November after breaking out of HMP Pentonville.

Staff at the jail did not realise they had escaped for 15 hours.

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James Whitlock and Matthew Baker

Asia-Pacific Electronic Access Control Systems Market 2017 : Technological advancements, Financial Plan to 2022

Summary of the Asia-Pacific Electronic Access Control Systems Market

The report on Asia-Pacific Electronic Access Control Systems Market offers a complete analysis of the market. This was achieved with the help of the chronological data that was collected, the exhaustive qualitative insights, and the statistical data of the market. Thorough studies and researches were conducted and reliable methodologies were used to verify the data that was collected. Industrial experts were consulted and their opinions were taken into consideration while making studies of the market.

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