Major Alarm Panel Recall Could Be Looming

SDM Magazine (image)Major Alarm Panel Recall Could Be Looming | #TpromoCom #UL #NFPA #FireAlarm | There appears to be a major issue of non-compliance with both the NFPA and UL codes by possibly every alarm panel manufacturer in the industry — despite being UL certified.

Jeff Zwirn, president of IDS Research & Development, discovered this issue and has produced several videos which show the non-compliance of the panels.

SDM photo (image)

The claims are that none of the control panel equipment tested complied with codes UL 985 and NFPA 72. The non-conforming control units are unable to communicate the alarm condition to the central monitoring station in certain conditions, and cannot audibly alert the property owner and those within the property of life safety dangers such as smoke and carbon monoxide, or intrusion.

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