Intelligent Schools

Intelligent Schools | #TpromoCom #School #SmartBuilding | Can you define an intelligent building? The term has gained wider and wider recognition since the 1980s. It has meant smart heating, smart cooling, and both smart heating and cooling—first one, then the other, then both. Today, finally, despite nearly 40 years of varied meanings, the term “intelligent building” is beginning to achieve a fixed definition.

Northland Pines High School

“At HID Global, we define intelligent buildings as buildings in which one can leverage the access control infrastructure to create more seamless and intuitive user experiences,” says Ashish Malpani, director of Product Marketing with HID’s Department of Extended Access Technologies.

But that is what comes next, says Malpani. “Today intelligent buildings are mostly focused on energy and energy savings,” he continues. “These goals are achieved by optimizing building systems so that they use more and less energy depending on the needs of current building occupants.”

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