Hackers Exploit Critical Flaws In Car Alarm Apps – What Drivers Need To Know

Hackers Exploit Critical Flaws In Car Alarm Apps – What Drivers Need To Know | #TpromoCom #Hackers #Auto #Car #Alarm | Researchers at the penetration testing specialists invested nearly £4,000 ($5,000) in high-end smart car alarms systems in order to put them to the test. Ken Munro, the founder of Pen Test Partners, explains that an advert by one of the vendors concerned and stating the system was unhackable had piqued interest initially. That’s never a great claim to make as any security expert will tell you that there is no such thing as being 100% secure.

Allan B. Colombo, Tech Writer
Allan B. Colombo, Tech Writer

“As we see more and more of what we have connect itself to the Internet, such as ordinary household appliances, we’re also going to see more hacking. Unless we do something to stop this hacking, the world of IoT will become a nightmare for all of us,” says Al Colombo, Senior Design Specialist with TpromoCom of Canton, Ohio. “When are we going to learn NOT to put critical infrastructure on the Internet for our enemies, both foreign and domestic, to diddle with? How many billions of dollars and people’s vocational means of making a living must be lost before we learn?”

The vulnerabilities were not even that hard to uncover and enabled the researchers to use the legitimate account of one user to access the profiles of others. This was because one simple ‘modify user’ request in the code was not being correctly checked for validation. Once accessed they were able to change the user passwords and take control of the account, and the car it related to.  Written by Davey Winder with Forbes.

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