Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection in the Office

Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection in the Office | #TpromoCom #OHS #OSHA #Fire | Accounting for employees in the event of an emergency is vital. The Emergency Action Plan should address how to accurately account for all employees.

Besides the obvious risks associated with 1.32 million fires reported in the United States that resulted in 3,400 deaths, 14,670 injuries, and more than $23 billion in property loss, the number of reported fires is on the downward trend. (In 2008, the number of fires reported was approximately 1.45 million.) While this is a noteworthy downward trend, fire-related deaths are on the rise. (USFA, 2017)

The majority of fires (77 percent) occur in the home, while the remaining 23 percent occur at work. (NFPA, 2017) This article will focus on what you, as an employee, can do to protect yourself and co-workers in the office. In addition, it will focus on specific steps that can be taken to prevent fires, as well as how to respond to fire emergencies.

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