FAA bill to impact security industry

FAA bill to impact security industry | #TpromoCom #FAA #Security #Drones #Government |  Bill sets policies for not just drones but security technology as well. President Trump signed into law on Oct. 5, H.R. 302, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, a bill that provides a roadmap for FAA-related policies, programs and procedures that will impact the security industry in a number of ways, from the use of counter-drone measures to the expanded use of CCTV and biometric technology within airports.

Included in the new law is the Preventing Emerging Threats Act, which was a 2018 policy priority for the Security Industry Association, according to Joseph Hoellerer, government relations manager for SIA.

“Prior to the Preventing Emerging Threats Act being incorporated into the FAA reauthorization, there was a lot of legal uncertainty as to what DHS and DOJ could or could not do with counter-UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] technology and measures,” Hoellerer told Security Systems News, noting that the bill now provides DOJ and DHS with legal authority to counter UAS threats.

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