The Integration of Security And IoT

Verdafero offers an IoT and Utilities monitoring service (image)

The Integration of Security And IoT | #Verdafero #Security #IoT #Monitoring |  Security has many faces, whether it’s the hardened, Grade 1 locks on all the perimeter man doors throughout a building, electronic access control, video surveillance cameras, fire detection equipment, or the IoT devices that monitors a variety of critical services, such as  temperature, humidity, air flow, pressure, or the integrity and quality of any one of several utilities that clients depend on.

If there was ever a time when integration between the various facets of security, life safety, and general commercial Internet of Things (IoT) might occur, it’s now.

Monitoring Electric Utility usage is one of many applications for Verdafero's Cloud-based, AI-driven service (image)The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) that Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers use is equipped to monitor the physical security elements of a facility, but not necessarily IoT devices that output analog data. Not only that, but traditional CMS’ are not readily capable of analyzing multiple streams of Big Data (BD) for anomalies that might occur. But there is a solution to this problem that is capable of including the positive attributes of a CMS.

In the area of Utility BD, “Verdafero’s Utility and IoT monitoring and analytics platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture, analyze, report and predict variable, broad-based utility expense information found from many data sources,” says Alastair Hood, Ph.D. and CEO of Verdafero.

Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers are invited to learn about a new source of RMR! (image)
Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers are invited to learn about a new source of RMR!

Verdafero’s Cloud-based processing center will utilize  your favorite CMS’ API (Application Programming Interface), thus allowing your CMS to act on alerts issued by the AI platform.

According to Hood, “Using Verdafero, security service providers can now actively analyze and compare the performance of similar client properties and benchmark them  against other properties within their portfolio to help clients better  understand the opportunities to reduce overhead expenses.”

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An Outdoor Video Surveillance System that Thinks and Acts Like a Human

An Outdoor Video Surveillance System that Thinks and Acts Like a Human | #Memoreyes #TpromoCom #VideoSurveillance #AI | I’d like to tell you about a new, revolutionary outdoor CCTV product that is like none other. I use the word “revolutionary” because it is just that. It leverages the use of quality Megapixel/HD quality, pan-tilt-zoom cameras with machine learning and an entirely newly developed series of audio, thermal, and radar-oriented sensors. Add to that an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based learning control platform and you have an almost human-like control system with Big Data analysis.

The focus of this new tech is outdoor protection. It uses thermal, sound, and radar to focus in on moving targets, along with a Smartphone app that stakeholders can use to alert the system when there’s a potential problem of an immediate nature. Cameras automatically  follow targets, which is not entirely new, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

The uniquely developed sensors allow the system to hear, see, and detect what the camera cannot see using a variety of unique sensors that truly makes this system revolutionary. Interaction between this interactive, integrated video surveillance system and stakeholders is audio/visual in nature, further deterring would-be assailants. 

Currently the system operates using a unique machine learning system, but an AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing system is now in the works and will soon be incorporated, giving the system the ability to react with even more speed and intelligence. Through Big Data analysis, over time the system will learn the habits and trends associated with each camera within each specific setting, thus enabling the system to  quickly identify departures from the norm. There’s more. 

I’d like to propose a complementary story on the tech with a short interview with the developer, who happens to be John Collings, the former inventor and developer of Uplink. A sidebar will delve into the advancements in AI and how they will be leveraged to make this new technology a must-have for office complexes, shopping malls, multiple-tenant housing, industrial complexes, chain stores, etc. 

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8 Revealing Everyday Documents You Never Knew You Should Shred

8 Revealing Everyday Documents You Never Knew You Should Shred | #TpromoCom #Privacy #Identity #HowTo | Once trash is off your property, it’s legal for anyone to take. Prevent identity theft by making sure these documents aren’t tossed in one piece.

Shred documents after you land: Your boarding pass has your name, your travel plans, and a barcode that free websites can decipher. This code often reveals your frequent-flier number, which crooks can use to log in to airline accounts to view upcoming travel plans, check in to flights, and even cancel trips. Find out what it means if you spot an “SSSS” on your boarding pass.

Here they are in brief (read the news article to get details on each one).

  • Prescription labels
  • Sales Receipts
  • Pet medical papers
  • Return labels
  • Resumes
  • and others…

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Security eNews Will No Longer Support Google+ Collections

Security eNews Will No Longer Support Google+ Collections | #TpromoCom #G+ #News #SecurityeNews | We will no longer categorize our news feed into G+ Collections considering the scheduled closing of Google+. Please review our News Weblog for your daily news and future Research projects. Visit us at

Wanted: Security Pros Looking to Sell Spare Security Equipment

Wanted: Security Pros Looking to Sell Spare Security Equipment | #TpromoCom #CCTV #business #Facebook | You’re invited to join the CCTV Security Technician Buy and Sell (Professionals Only) Forum where you can buy someone else’s spare equipment, sell your own stuff, or trade your goods for someone else’s.

“The mission of the CCTV Security Technician Buy and Sell (Professionals Only) Forum–a closed group on Facebook–is to provide the appropriate setting where professionals can buy, sell, and trade equipment and services related to CCTV (security only please),” says Al Colombo, long-time technical writer and administrator #1 on the forum.

“Our main focus is CCTV and video surveillance equipment including network related items, such as routers, managed and unmanaged switches, NVR’s, DVR’s etc.,” says Sean Sokoly, administrator #2 on the forum.

When you join the buy/sell/trade forum, you are automatically entered in the CCTV Security Technician Forum, the main group on  Facebook. This is a group place to share information, ask questions, and help others with problems that you may have already experienced.

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Calling all Security Integrators

Calling all Security Integrators | #TpromoCom #security #professional #forum | Do you install and program your electronic security systems to operate in conjunction with other systems in a structure? Do you sometimes wish there was a place to go where you could share your thoughts, discuss complicated issues pertaining to the integration of these systems with other technicians? Well, there is such a place on Facebook and it’s called “Security Integrators.” To request membership, go to:

Burger Joint Teams Up With Surveillance Giant to Scan Your Face for Loyalty Points

Burger Joint Teams Up With Surveillance Giant to Scan Your Face for Loyalty Points | #TpromoCom #videosurveillance #camera #retail | A burger chain in California will scan your face to take your order, and they’ve tapped a global surveillance-technology firm to help them do it.

CaliBurger is currently testing out kiosks equipped with facial recognition at its Pasadena location, giving customers who sign up for their loyalty program the option to link their faces to their past preferred orders, which will pop up automatically on fu… To read the remainder of this news story, click here.

Who Is In The Facility?



Security is an important part of business in high-rise office buildings, manufacturing facilities, campus settings, and facilities of all sizes. | #TpromoCom #accesscontrol #visitor #Colombo | This includes the development of an intelligent security network that provides for secure, automatic access security policies; and seeks to provide actionable data related to the comings and goings of regular employees; outside, on-site consultants; as well as short-stay visitors.

“Corporate security has become a high-profile issue since the events of September 11, 2001 exposed America’s vulnerability to terrorist attack,” says Thomas E. Cavanagh, author of Corporate Security Measures and Practices, An Overview of Security Management Since 9/11.

In this article we’ll talk about the need and function of access control and visitor management systems. We will look at how these systems are sometimes connected internally by a single software solution as well as other integration methods.

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