Parks Associates welcomes Sarah Jones, VP of Commercial Product, Great Call, to Connected Health Summit

Parks Associates welcomes Sarah Jones, VP of Commercial Product, Great Call, to Connected Health Summit | #TpromoCom #Event #Home #Monitor | Jones will deliver the keynote address at the sixth-annual Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and Wellness.

64% of consumer 50 and older are interested in home monitoring system that can sense emergencies and notify caretakers

Parks Associates today announced Sarah Jones, VP of Commercial Product, Great Call, as the first confirmed keynote speaker for the sixth-annual Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and Wellness, August 27-29 at the Pendry San Diego in San Diego, California. The firm’s independent living research finds 64% of heads of US broadband households 50 and older are interested in a home system that can sense emergencies and send out notifications.

Connected Health Summit will explore new strategies and innovations that will expand and improve independent living solutions for consumers and caretakers, including innovative monitoring and smart home solutions, and examine consumer adoption and usage of connected health technologies and key adjacencies between smart home, healthcare, and independent living ecosystems. Early Sponsors include HP, MDLIVE,, Freeus, Rapid Response Monitoring, and GiftCard Partners.

“The push to engage consumers outside of the facility, combined with advances in consumer technology, have created several distinct markets for connected health products and services,” said Elizabeth Parks, President, Parks Associates. “We expect to see the lines between these markets blur as care providers experiment with consumer devices as part of their remote patient monitoring programs and as consumer solutions integrate virtual care services into their offerings. Technology companies are now realizing the incredible opportunity to serve the growing market of seniors with devices and services that fit their unique needs and desires.”

Parks Associates research shows more than one-third of people in US broadband households are current caregivers or will be in the near future, and they rank emergency alerts as the most valuable home living feature.

“Many smart home solutions are well positioned to deliver on these key independent living use cases while also providing a valuable user experience to caretakers,” Parks said. “Great Call, recently acquired by Best Buy, is a leader in delivering independent living solutions, and we look forward to sharing insight with attendees on key adjacencies between the smart home and connected health.”


  • Employee Wellness Programs and Consumer Engagement
  • AI in Health: Creating Personalized Insights
  • Choice in Care: Telehealth, Kiosks, and Retail Clinics
  • The Impact of MACRA and Telehealth Reimbursement for Connected Health
  • Enabling Independence: Addressing Seniors’ Health and Social Needs
  • Expanding Reach: Making Remote Patient Monitoring Work
  • The Role of Technology: Serving Social and Medical Needs
  • Innovation and Partnerships
  • IoT Integration: Effective Connected Health Partnerships
  • Senior Tech Channels: Home Service Providers, Builders, and In-home Care Agencies
  • Wearables: Crossing the Line from Consumer to Health Tech
  • Consumer Technology in Healthcare: Preparing for the Tech Giants
  • Innovation at Transformative Life Stages

Connected Health Summit provides industry players with in-depth analysis on the growth of the connected health device and solutions markets, with insights and implications for consumers, health providers, and payors. The event is focused on the emerging opportunities-and specifically on new consumer engagement strategies-for multiple industries.

Parks Associates is accepting submissions to speak at Connected Health Summit at

Registration is open, and media are invited to attend. To schedule an interview with an analyst or to request specific data,contact Sherrelle Lewis,, 972-996-0214.

About Connected Health Summit
Parks Associates’ sixth-annual Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and Wellness is an executive conference focused on the impact of connected devices and IoT healthcare solutions on consumers at home.

Connected Health Summit provides insights on new business models, IoT technologies, consumer behaviors, and deployments relevant to consumer healthcare solutions. The conference addresses opportunities for new solutions, including smart home platforms, on-demand services, voice assistants, and wearables, to empower consumers, caregivers, and providers with new insight into patient health and to meet the growing demand for services in independent living, chronic care management, remote access to care, and wellness and fitness.

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New Research Finds Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Premature Death

New Research Finds Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Premature Death | #TpromoCom #AI #Forbes #Prediction | A University of Nottingham study says Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can predict premature death, a capability that could revolutionize preventative healthcare. (please scroll down for more)

In a study of over half a million people between the ages of 40 and 69, Nottingham’s team of healthcare data scientists and doctors have developed and tested their system of computer-based ML algorithms to predict the risk of early death due to chronic disease. And they say it works.

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Security breach grows: Hundreds of thousands of health care customers affected

Security breach grows: Hundreds of thousands of health care customers affected | #TpromoCom #HealthCare #CyberSecurity #DataBreach | A late September malware attack at Detroit-based Wolverine Solutions Group, a contractor that provides mailing and other services for hospitals and health care companies, may have compromised the personal and medical information of hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. 

Among the companies whose customers already have gotten notification of the security breach are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Health Alliance Plan; McLaren Health Care, Three Rivers Health in southwestern Michigan; North Ottawa Community Health System in Grand Haven, and at least two hospitals in northwestern Pennsylvania: Warren General Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Kane.

Want to know more? Read the remainder of this news article, click here.


  • Professionals Master Skill-Craft as they may hold the lives of others in their hands
  • Attention: Professional Practitioners, Hostage Negotiators and Undercover Operatives
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  • embedding the knowledge to react instinctively
  • Multi-Media Blended Learning
  • The use of the Video Clips, Sliders, Daily Instructional Guides for at-least 15 minutes a day
  • make HIM the easiest and most effective method to acquire the skill-sets and master the skill-craft

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Forensics gone wrong: When DNA snares the innocent

Forensics gone wrong: When DNA snares the innocent | #TpromoCom #DNA #Forensics #Investigation | Its accuracy has made DNA evidence virtually unassailable. A landmark report published by the National Research Council in 2009 dismissed most forensics as unproven folk-wisdom but singled out DNA as the one forensic science worthy of the name. Yet in recent years Hampikian and other geneticists have begun to question the technology.

Thanks to a series of advances—including the polymerase chain reaction, which can multiply tiny amounts of DNA—it’s now possible to detect DNA at levels hundreds or even thousands of times lower than when DNA fingerprinting was developed in the 1980s. Investigators can even collect “touch DNA” from fingerprints on, say, a glass or a doorknob. A mere 25 or 30 cells will sometimes suffice.

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Artificial intelligence in detecting ovarian cancer and predicting flu

Artificial intelligence used to detect women with deadliest ovarian cancer | #TpromoCom #AI #Health #Cancer | AI in predictive health care appears to have no limits. Here are two examples where it can save lives and predict illnesses.

Technique picks out worst forms of disease that would not be recognized by conventional methods. As you can imagine, there are some forms of cancer that cannot easily be detected by the usual means that doctors use. One of the most common methods of detecting cancer involves an analysis of white to red blood cells within the circulatory system. At the same time, knowing which kind of cancer involves is critical to a successful cure. –Al Colombo, Security eNews

There’s more, and you can read it directly by way of the actual news article. To read on, click here.

In research published in Nature Communications, the researchers used their computer tool to test tissue samples from more than 500 women with ovarian cancer. In total the AI scanned nearly 150 million cells. –Gabbatiss, Science Correspondent with the Independent.

Harnessing Multiple Data Streams And Artificial Intelligence To Better Predict Flu | #TpromoCom #AI #Flu #Health | Influenza is highly contagious and easily spreads as people move about and travel, making tracking and forecasting flu activity a challenge.

While the CDC continuously monitors patient visits for flu-like illness in the U.S., this information can lag up to two weeks behind real time. A new study, led by the Computational Health Informatics Program (CHIP) at Boston Children’s Hospital, combines two forecasting methods with machine learning (artificial intelligence) to estimate local flu activity. Results are published today in Nature Communications.

When the approach, called ARGONet, was applied to flu seasons from September 2014 to May 2017, it made more accurate predictions than the team’s earlier high-performing forecasting approach, ARGO, in more than 75 percent of the states studied. This suggests that ARGONet produces the most accurate estimates of influenza activity available to date, a week ahead of traditional healthcare-based reports, at the state level across the U.S. To read the remainder of this informative news article, click here.

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G4S Launches Security Risk Management Model

G4S Launches Security Risk Management Model | #TpromoCom #Security #Business #Marketing | Providing insight into the return on your security investment

September 13, 2018, Jupiter, FL — G4S, the world’s leading integrated security company, introduces the G4S Security Risk Management Model, a risk-based, data-driven approach to oversee enterprise security management. G4S helps businesses learn how to mitigate risk through a suite of software tools developed in partnership with industry experts and Georgia State University’s Center for Process Innovation. (please continue to scroll)

Security Risk Management Model

To build this tool, G4S went outside the security industry and worked with an academic partner, the Georgia State University Center for Process Innovation, to help them look at the issue from a completely new perspective. Using an Effects-Based Design planning method, G4S developed a comprehensive, consistent, and easy-to-use model that takes security risk management to a whole new level.

Through analyzing a customer’s risks and evaluating their resources, G4S and its related business units work together to deliver a resolution with proven methodology, backed by expertise, experience and research.

“Our Security Risk Management Model uses researched-backed tools, combined with our highly trained Risk Management team, to deliver a customized security program that helps our clients prevent, contain and recover from risk,” said John Kenning, Regional CEO, G4S Americas. “We help our clients determine what their risks are and where to focus more resources to improve security.”

Security risk management is the backbone of a security program. It provides a holistic approach to optimizing an entire security program, helping to identify obstacles to security risk issues, while providing insights into the potential return on investment.

The G4S risk-based approach through the Security Risk Management Model minimizes threats by addressing risks in proportion to their size and complexity. G4S works with clients to determine every resource they want to protect, the potential risks to these resources, and possible resolutions to mitigate the risks. After completing the assessment, clients can choose the level of service that fits their organization’s security risk management needs.

For more information visit or email

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New PHP Code Execution Attack Puts WordPress Sites at Risk

New PHP Code Execution Attack Puts WordPress Sites at Risk | #TpromoCom #Hacker #PHP #WordPress |  The new technique leaves hundreds of thousands of web applications open to remote code execution attacks, including websites powered by some popular content management systems like WordPress and Typo3.

PHP unserialization or object injection vulnerabilities were initially documented in 2009, which could allow an attacker to perform different kinds of attacks by supplying malicious inputs to the unserialize() PHP function.

To read this interesting and timely news article, click here.

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Pacemaker controllers still vulnerable 18 months after flaws reported

Pacemaker controllers still vulnerable 18 months after flaws reported | #TpromoCom #Pacemaker #Medical #CyberSecurity #Health | A popular brand of heart pacemaker is still vulnerable to compromise more than a year and a half after the company that makes them was told of weaknesses in its security, researchers have claimed during a Black Hat presentation.

To read this interesting and timely news article, click  here.

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