ISO releases world first ORS fire standard

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ISO releases world first ORS fire standard | #TpromoCom #ISO #Fire #Standards | One of the most effective ways of preventing fires in buildings is to reduce the level of oxygen in the air. The world’s first International Standard for oxygen reduction systems has just been published.

Looking for great content for your website or blog? Al Colombo, Senior Design Specialist with TpromoCom can help.
Looking for great content for your website or blog? Al Colombo, Senior Design Specialist with TpromoCom can help.

Geneva, Switzerland — Prevention is always better than cure, and there are few better examples than with fires. If fires can only survive when there is oxygen to fuel them, removing it from the air is an effective way to ensure that the environment remains fire-free. Oxygen reduction systems (ORS) do that by creating atmospheres where there is not enough oxygen for a fire to break out, but enough for humans to breathe easily.

However, installing such systems can be a complex business, and requires in-depth knowledge of the space being protected, how it is used and by whom.

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Residents escape burning condo building despite not having fire alarms

Residents escape burning condo building despite not having fire alarms | #TpromoCom #Fire #FireAlarm #LifeSafety | WEST BEND, Wis. — All residents escaped a fire at a condo complex despite there not being a fire alarm system. The fire broke out about 1:20 a.m. Friday at the building on North River Drive in West Bend.

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Editor’s Note: As a former fire technician and alarm dealership owner/manager, I fully understand the issue of fire code and the fact that landlords that build only have to maintain their buildings to the code that was in force at the time they were constructed. However, on a personal level, I often wonder if there’s a better way.

I do not advocate changing the rules as they are because a landlord should not be legally challenged to follow changes in local fire code. Every time there would be a minor change, they’d be required to adjust their units accordingly, and although that would not be a bad thing for the tenants, it would cause undo financial hardship on many of those that rent because such changes in construction would ultimately fall at the feet of all those who rent from them, and that is the way it must be.

I believe that communities share in the responsibility to find an equatable way to provide incentives to landlords who take the initiative to bring their facilities up to present day fire code. Perhaps that can be accomplished through tax breaks, or perhaps through rate adjustments on water and rubbish pickup.

Yes, it will mean compromise in that the community at large will realize a loss of revenue, but there simply must be a way to make this happen without driving landlords out of business. For all of us to sit by and criticize a landlord for not having installed fire alarms in a 1980-built condo when he followed all the rules at the time will accomplish nothing.

It’s time that all of us put some skin in the game by sharing in the solution to this ongoing problem. —Al Colombo

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Recent Reports of Significant Fires in the US

Video: Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Vegetation Fire, Save Homes | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Fire #Video | Just before 6:30 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County firefighters were dispatched to a vegetation fire in the area of Kite Way and Warbler Drive which was threatening homes in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed fire threatening homes and requested a second alarm response for structure protection (click here).

Firefighters battle extreme heat in 5-alarm Dorchester fire | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Fire #Video | Dozens of firefighters faced extreme heat conditions as they battled a five-alarm fire in Dorchester late Sunday afternoon that displaced about 30 people from three triple-deckers on Quincy Street.

One firefighter had to be taken to the hospital, and at least two others were treated at the scene, said Brian Alkins, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department (click here).

1 firefighter hurt in 8-alarm Natick fire | #TpromoCom #FireFighter #Injury #Fire | The Natick deputy fire chief said the cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is not considered suspicious.

Fire crews attempted to pinpoint the cause of the fire in the basement, but withdrew when conditions grew too dangerous.

One firefighter suffered an arm injury. No civilian injuries were reported, and no one was inside when the fire started (click here).

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Emerging markets offer lucrative growth for fire safety market

Emerging markets offer lucrative growth for fire safety market | #TpromoCom #Fire #LifeSafety #FireCode | The global fire safety equipment market size is expected to reach USD 105.92 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 8.8% over the forecast period, according to a study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc.

Fire notification appliances such as this one are commonly required by the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Strict government regulations and mandates concerning workplace safety are expected to be the key factors driving the market. Increasing awareness about the benefits of installing fire safety and security equipment and demand for state-of-the-art fire protection equipment are also expected to fuel the market growth.

Transition towards the installation of technologically advanced fire detection systems, and eco-friendly fire suppression agents is also expected to support the market development over the forecast period.

The advent of smart fire suppression and detection systems, and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) for the wireless integration of such systems, along with the enforcement of various safety and building codes, and increasing fire safety expenditure by enterprises are several other factors responsible for market growth cited by Grand View.

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Human Investigation Management – ISIO
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Hartford Fire Marshal wants landlords, facing arrest over safety violations, to turn themselves in

Hartford Fire Marshal wants landlords, facing arrest over safety violations, to turn themselves in | #TpromoCom #Fire #Landlord #Arrest | Safety violations at several Hartford apartment buildings have prompted the Fire Marshal’s Office to seek arrest warrants for two landlords, including a property owner recently found in violation of his $750,000-a-year contract with HUD.

Martin Rothman, identified by fire officials as the owner of Barbour Gardens, is being asked to turn himself in to the State’s Attorney’s Office over several alleged deficiencies, including not having a fire alarm system for two of the four buildings in the 1960s-era, 84-unit complex. Fire inspections also found the Section 8 project had broken doors, blocked hallways and exits, and improper storage of flammable liquids, according to Deputy Fire Chief Alvaro Cucuta.

Barbour Gardens is owned by a company called ADAR Hartford Realty LLC, based in Suffern, N.Y., though fire officials say Rothman lives in New York City.

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Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection in the Office

Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection in the Office | #TpromoCom #OHS #OSHA #Fire | Accounting for employees in the event of an emergency is vital. The Emergency Action Plan should address how to accurately account for all employees.

Besides the obvious risks associated with 1.32 million fires reported in the United States that resulted in 3,400 deaths, 14,670 injuries, and more than $23 billion in property loss, the number of reported fires is on the downward trend. (In 2008, the number of fires reported was approximately 1.45 million.) While this is a noteworthy downward trend, fire-related deaths are on the rise. (USFA, 2017)

The majority of fires (77 percent) occur in the home, while the remaining 23 percent occur at work. (NFPA, 2017) This article will focus on what you, as an employee, can do to protect yourself and co-workers in the office. In addition, it will focus on specific steps that can be taken to prevent fires, as well as how to respond to fire emergencies.

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The Cure for a Quick Comeback From a Restaurant Fire

The Cure for a Quick Comeback From a Restaurant Fire | #TpromoCom #Restaurant #Fire #Business | When a kitchen fire in a well established restaurant burns out of control, the outcome is all too often lost business, lost employees, and a lengthy comeback. The question is, how can you, as a restaurant owner, reduce the devastation, thus shortening the time it takes to rebuild and return to the successful business you once had? The quick answer is not to have one at all, but that’s not always possible.

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“The answer to that question is how well the fire protection company installed the fire suppression system that protects your kitchen appliances from fire,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants of Greater Ohio. “If they did their job right, it will only be a few minutes until the fire is extinguished, thus shortening the time before your operation is back to normal. On the other hand, if they didn’t do the job correctly, then the period of burn can be considerable, which could result in the complete destruction of your restaurant.”

The key to quickly knocking a fire down in a commercial restaurant kitchen involves three important things:

  1. Having a quality fire suppression installed that includes electric and/or gas shutoffs.
  2. A nozzle inside the ductwork and hood.
  3. Proper ongoing maintenance.

Number 3 includes checking the operation of the fire suppression system as well as the proper operation of the hood system and the exhaust duct that carries combustible fumes outside the restaurant.

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