Security issues considered in a world depression

ISIO (image)Security issues considered in a world depression | #TpromoCom #Security #GreatDepression | The Security Industry must consider the implications on security implications that took place in the 1930’s during the great depression

In 1929 the great depression brought the world into a time of despair that lasted 10 years. Covid-19 is the root cause which surmounts the issues even more so. This dynamic of the ‘perfect storm’ will create calamities and shifting crime into different directions causing the security industry to shrink in some areas and grow in others.

This period gave rise to certain types of crime being the birthing of the organized crime gangs dealing in bootlegging and prostitution, besides the entry of the ultra-right wingers where xenophobia led to the murder of millions.

The manufacturing industry industry took a major blow during the depression, the banks had their issues along with other sectors in the economic machine took its toll. Now, with the 4th industrial revolution is on the rise and will have its own unique issues and crime related.

Call TpromoCom for web design and content (image)The physical security will have to contend with issues that will increase dramatically. We comprehend that there has been a distinctive increase in migration over the past few years, whereas, the vulnerability landscape has changed dramatically. Polarized neighborhoods have grown in size and various countries experienced increased support for pro-nationalist parties. The crime related in cross cultural attacks of grievously bodily harm, rape and murder has increased along with demonstrations and riots breaking out periodically. This work is not going to research right now the crime and damages related to all of the above and other issues, however, one cannot fathom the possible outcomes related to this scenario in theater. [Ref Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security & Risk by Juan Kirsten 2018]

Man’s basic need of food, shelter and drink [alcohol – (prohibition crime in the 30’s)] besides medicine or medical support will be heightened and calling for all related buildings and logistic services related as soft targets. This comprehension of this knowledge will give direction to the security industry whereas, security consultants, companies, risk managers, investigators and trainers must comprehend their position, predict the changes in their location and field of interest to survive this debilitating period

This scenario will impact on the skills required now which must be relevant with distinct purpose. There may be a rush by educators to make certificates available but all-the-information is not in just yet and therefore, the most important step is to rapidly disseminate information in short bursts with short predictions within days and weeks. The educators and regulators consider protocols for emergency and disaster first before promoting modules and upgrading on existing skills for relevancy. Some of these protocols can be found in ISIO because this is not a one size fits all kind-of-thing. There are standard protocols and then there are uniquely designed protocols for distinct sectors and using specific tech or equipment.

Crime related to covid-10 [Juan Kirsten 2020] predicted issues that have occurred recently which is based on [Criminology and Security Investigation Management Ref Juan Kirsten 2019] which uncovered new crime, uncovered evolving copycat crime and opportunities(methods) to limit or mitigate the collateral damage. This knowledge is now being used to comprehend the economic depression impacting the world in this moment in time in-keeping with calamities and crime.

The International Security Industry Organization [ISIO] is such a body that will be providing pertinent and relative information to its member base covering all sectors. It calls upon serious like-minded practitioners to participate in its quest.

Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!
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Audit Finds NYC Schools Unprepared for Emergency Situations

#Audit Finds NYC Schools Unprepared for #Emergency Situations | #ESC_LLC #School #Security #Safety | An audit of NYC schools’ safety plans found missing floor plans, unarmed door alarms, and a lack of drills and coordination, among other things.

According to the release, the state’s Department of Education has not been strict in requiring schools file safety plans on time and policies do not routinely align regulations with state requirements.

The assessment looked at safety plans of 25 of the city’s 1,800 schools run by the DOE. It found missing floor plans, unarmed door alarms, radios that were turned off or were not working, and a lack of drills and coordination, among other issues.

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With FAA’s blessing, that drone over your house may be Google’s Wing, not Amazon’s

With FAA’s blessing, that drone over your house may be Google’s Wing, not Amazon’s | #TpromoCom #Drone #Google #FAA | Wing, the drone delivery service spun off from Alphabet’s Google, hopes to start flights to homes and businesses in the Blacksburg and Christiansburg areas by the end of the year now that it has the blessings of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA announced earlier this week that it had approved Wing as the first air carrier certified for drone delivery. In receiving the certification, Wing beat Amazon to the punch despite all the attention that the online merchandise giant has drawn over its interest in deliveries by air.

Both companies, along with others, have been racing to develop drones as a more cost-effective way of delivering small, high-value orders, like medicine. But drone delivery can have big drawbacks, with limitations on the weight of their cargo and the time it takes to recharge them between deliveries.

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DHS to shift guest-worker program to reward higher-skilled foreigners

DHS to shift guest-worker program to reward higher-skilled foreigners | #TpromoCom #DHS #Employment #Government | The H-1B program is supposed to allow workers of high merit a chance to fill jobs in the U.S., but critics say it’s become a pipeline for siphoning cheap computer programmers from Asia into the U.S., where they often replace American workers.

Currently the U.S. allows 20,000 new H-1B visas a year to workers with a master’s degree or higher from an American school, and another 65,000 workers in a general category. When there’s a flood of applicants, the government holds a lottery to decide who gets the visas.

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Reaping the benefits of automation and artificial intelligence

Reaping the benefits of automation and artificial intelligence | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Automation | According to a study done by PwC, ‘Sizing the prize’ (2017), it is estimated that up to 14 percent of global GDP will be attributable to smart automation by 2030, an equivalent of $15 trillion in today’s economy. (Please scroll down)

On the flip-side, the landscape of the labour force is set to drastically change as automation takes over people’s jobs, leading to increased unemployment and redundancies.

With that in mind, the responsibility falls upon us as human beings to maximize on the positives and minimise on the negatives that this drastic change will most certainly bring. According to research conducted by PwC economists, building on that done by Frey and Osborne (Oxford University, 2013), automation of jobs in the years leading to the 2030s will occur in three successive waves namely the algorithm wave, the augmentation wave and the autonomy wave.

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Security eNews Will No Longer Support Google+ Collections

Security eNews Will No Longer Support Google+ Collections | #TpromoCom #G+ #News #SecurityeNews | We will no longer categorize our news feed into G+ Collections considering the scheduled closing of Google+. Please review our News Weblog for your daily news and future Research projects. Visit us at

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Cybersecurity Jobs Are Skyrocketing

Cybersecurity Jobs Are Skyrocketing | #TpromoCom #Jobs #Employmente #Trending | In March of this year, news broke that the now-defunct data consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, illegally accessed private information of over 80 million Facebook users during the 2016 presidential campaign.

While testifying before Congress in April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to hire an additional 10,000 employees dedicated to cybersecurity and content moderation to protect user data from future breaches. (scroll down please)

Though undeniably impactful, Facebook’s hiring pledge pales in comparison to the surge of bills recently drafted by the Senate Appropriations Committee allocating more than a billion dollars to combat the threat posed by cyber warfare.

It seems both government spending and tech CEOs are finally taking some responsibility for making the internet a safer place. That’s good news for those of us who like to shop, network, and post online without being hacked. It’s also good news for job creation.

The Massive Spike in Cybersecurity Jobs

Leveraging real-time data on which jobs are in high demand among employers, we put the promises of cybersecurity job growth coming from tech companies and Capitol Hill to the test. Using ZipRecruiter data, we scanned millions of job openings posted between January 2017 and June of this year to find job titles that include keywords related to cybersecurity.

Of all the industries we studied, technology saw the largest increase in cybersecurity-related roles over the past year. From June 2017 to date, cybersecurity jobs spiked 40% in the technology industry. In March, when news of the massive Facebook data breach hit, information security roles grew by 250% year over year.

With nearly 4,000 openings posted over the past 18 months, Information Security Analyst was the top job title in the field. Other top titles include Network Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, and Security Solutions Architect.

Companies are also adding information security experts to their C suites in massive numbers. Since January 2017, approximately 250 job openings for Chief Information Security Officer have been posted to

Information Security Across Industries

Although the technology industry has had the most openings for information security jobs, we’ve also seen significant information security growth across healthcare, government, and finance since March 2017.

Job openings for Cybersecurity Specialists increased over 400% in both healthcare and finance from March 2017 to March of this year. Government is slightly behind the curve but still developing steadily, with a 280% year-over-year increase in cybersecurity positions over the same period.

Network Security Specialist was the top job title among these industries. But more specialized roles are also being created, like Chief Privacy Officer in Healthcare and Financial Security Analyst within finance.

Given the incredible demand for Cybersecurity Analysts, job seekers with tech backgrounds should consider expanding their skill sets to find a job in the burgeoning industry. Certifications in information security go a long way toward landing a top job, and research from data firm Burning Glass shows being a Certified Information Security Professional can add an $18,000 annual salary premium to what is already a very well-paying role.

Feel free to review ZipRecruiter’s salary page: click here.

Written by Jeffery Marino
ZipRecruiter’s Data Journalist, Jeffery writes about emerging job market trends using traditional and proprietary ZipRecruiter data.

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Artificial Intelligence is on the Move – so Keep Up!

Artificial Intelligence is on the Move – so Keep Up! | #TpromoCom #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Society | There’s considerable talk of putting AI’s in charge of high-profile, critical infrastructure. But is it wise to do so? Should the United States government have a say as to whether U.S. companies can retire their human workforce in order to utilize a non-human AI counterpart? Where’s that fine line between cost cutting and national security? Security eNews covers the AI issue from front to back.

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