DIY Dominates IP Camera Mkt & Flir Launches New Deep Learning Camera

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DIY dominates network camera market

Parks Associates’ Smart Market Product Assessment on networked cameras reports 68% of owners self-installed their networked camera in Q4 2018, compared to 49% in Q4 2016. This shift toward DIY options comes as both ease of use and retail availability for this product increase. Read more »

Editor’s Note: I realize that professionals in the security market may not want to hear this news, but it’s becoming an issue, one that savvy business folks will take time to study. There are two basic options: 1) profit from it, or 2) fight it. At the end of the day, the decision rests with you. –Al Colombo

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Flir launches first deep learning – enabled machine learning camera

Flir Systems, Inc. has just launched the Flir Firefly DL, the industry’s first deep learning, inference-enabled machine vision camera with Flir Neuro technology. Read more »

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Couple says Nest home security system hack turned into worst nightmare ever

Video: Couple says Nest home security system hack turned into worst nightmare ever | #TpromoCom #Nest #Security #DIY | A Nest security system at a couple’s house in Wisconsin was anything but secure, causing a nightmare for the homeowners after it was hacked. Google says otherwise.

Action News Atlanta (image)
Action News Atlanta

MILWAUKEE – It seems the system worked fine until last week when Samantha Lamont said she returned home from work Tuesday and discovered the temperature inside her home was 90 degrees. She told WITI-TV she thought it was a glitch and reset the thermostat, but what followed was anything but a glitch.

“My heart was racing,” she said. “I felt so violated.”

The hacker reset the couple’s thermostat to 90 degrees and even spoke to them through their kitchen camera before playing vulgar music, they said.

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Attention: Professional Practitioners, Hostage Negotiators and Undercover Operatives.

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DoS Attack Blamed for U.S. Grid Disruptions

SecurityWeek news and information

#DoS Attack Blamed for U.S. #Grid Disruptions | #TpromoCom #Power #CyberSecurity #Hackers | According to the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s OE-417 Electric Emergency and Disturbance Report for the first quarter of 2019, a cyber event caused “interruptions of electrical system operations.”

The report shows that the incident impacted an unidentified utility in the region overseen by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), which is responsible for compliance monitoring and enforcement in the Western Interconnection, and affected California (Kern County and Los Angeles County), Utah (Salt Lake County) and Wyoming (Converse County).

However, the report shows that the incident did not result in any power outages. The cyber event occured on March 5 — it started at 9:12 AM and systems were restored by 6:57 PM on the same day.

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Alula at ISC West 2019: DIY for Dealers, New Communicator & More

Alula at ISC West 2019: DIY for Dealers, New Communicator & More | #TpromoCom #DIY #Security #Alula | Alula’s Dealer DIY offering allows its partners to easily offer a DIY solution that is fully supported and backed by a professional, local dealer.

ISC West 2019 will be held April 9-12 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Ahead of this year’s show, SSI spoke with AlulaCEO Brian McLaughlin to find out what the company will be showcasing at ISC West. Here are some of the questions that were asked:

What is the top product or offering your company is showing off at ISCW this year, and what makes it unique or special?

What other products or offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of their unique qualities?

What else is new or noteworthy about the company for 2019?

To read the complete interview, click here.

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The Medical App That Could Mean Life or Death

The Medical App That Could Mean Life or Death | #TpromoCom #Smartphone #Health #Medical | In the September 2018 issue of Readers Digest there’s a short, one-page story entitled, “This Smartphone Feature Could Save Your Life,” written by Juliana Labianca.

Click for more info on TpromoCom.

It was so good, that I decided to download the app myself as suggested. The reason why you need to consider this is that if your cell has a pass code, and if you’re in the middle of a heart attack, paramedics might like to know something about your health situation. Your smartphone could provide them with that info, saving them much critical time, thus saving your life.

According to Labianca, some smartphones have a feature that allows someone to type in “Emergency” in order to gain access to your medical diagnosis, historical data, medicines, etc. If you have an android, you may already have a Medical ID application. Look for it in your app library. If you have an i Phone, she says you may already have a “Health App” in your phone.

For those who do not appear to have a Medical ID app, there’s a free Health app, according to Labianca, that you can download–for free. She says it’s called, “Medical ID” and you can recognize it by way of a “bright red star on a white background.”

I installed it on my phone in no time and it was easy to find. Hope no one ever has to use it. Give it a whirl, for your health sake. —Al Colombo

4 Those with out a SmartPhone

LifeStation Mobile GPS Medical Alert – Medical Alert System for Seniors On-The-Go. Nationwide GPS and WiFi Coverage.

INCLUDES 3 MONTHS OF SERVICE AND FREE ACTIVATION: Activation of service required prior to use – call to activate. Service plans start at only $24.95 per month after your first 2 months.

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This smart light switch does it all — voice assistant, motion sensor, night light, intercom

This smart light switch does it all — voice assistant, motion sensor, night light, intercom | #TpromoCom #Electrical #SmartHome #HomeAutomation | I recently replaced most of the light switches in my home with TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Switches because it’s pretty damn cool to ask Alexa to turn off the lights, and that happened to be a cheap and reliable way to do it.

But TP-Link just announced a new switch that does so much more. It’s got a built-in voice assistant with its own microphones and speaker. (Weirdly, TP-Link couldn’t say which assistant is built in, though the company implied it’d be Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.) It’s got a motion sensor to turn on and off the lights without me even asking. There’s even a built-in nightlight, and, of course, it plays music.

To read the remainder of this article, click here.

Home Automation Creates a Safer, More Secure Home

There are those who believe that smart home devices are a luxury that they can afford to not have where there are others who wouldn’t be without them. Having lived with home automation, through the use of a special Home Automation Inc. home control system, I can attest to the need.

Not only does it assure that you have lights on when and where needed, but this type of system allows you the luxury of energy management through the control of not only lighting, but of heating and cooling systems. And where there are motorized draperies, the system can be programmed to shut the drapes as the sun travels across the southern exposure during the summer to reduce unneeded heating or open them in the winter to assist with heating.

The only cautionary issue that we now face, whereas in 1991 we didn’t, is that of cyber security issues, due to the fact that today’s smart home devices are essentially IoT connected, either through WiFi or another wireless tech, such as Zigbee.

Ellen Rigney was in bed with her husband Sunday night in their Houston home when she heard a noise coming from the Nest camera connected to her 4-month-old son Topper’s room. First, she thought it was a carbon monoxide alert, but then “we heard sexual expletives being said in his room,” she told NBC affiliate KPRC.

A very good example of this was recently seen by way of a wireless (IoT) video camera baby monitor. Here’s the social media posting I made on behalf of my client Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) of Columbus, Ohio:

Nest camera hacker threatens to kidnap baby, spooks parents | #ESC_LLC #VideoSurveillance #Baby #Security | “I’m in your baby’s room,” the hacker said. But the baby was alone and safe.

There are trolls out there trolling the Internet and they’re looking for any and all open ports where they can investigate the real possibility of doing harm to anyone at any time. Although all these gadgets are handy and helpful in so many ways, it comes at a price, and vigilance in an assortment of ways is one of the costs. One inconvenience that I can think of is that of the new WiFi unit you got at Christmas. Did you take the time to change the default encryption key?

Author: Al Colombo

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Majority Share of DIY Company SimpliSafe Acquired by Hellman & Friedman

Majority Share of DIY Company SimpliSafe Acquired by Hellman & Friedman | #TpromoCom #SimpliSafe #DIY #Security | SimpliSafe, a provider of DIY home security, announced that funds affiliated with Hellman & Friedman LLC have entered into an agreement to join forces with SimpliSafe CEO and Founder Chad Laurans to accelerate the company’s growth and expansion of the home security market.

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