New Lawsuit Claims Marriott Still Exposes Customer Information

New Lawsuit Claims Marriott Still Exposes Customer Information | #TpromoCom #Marriott #Privacy #Information | A new class action filed against Marriott following the massive data breach alleges that the hotel giant’s systems are affected by a serious vulnerability that still exposes customer information. 

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Several lawsuits have been filed against Marriott after the company revealed that hackers had access to its systems since at least 2014 and that they may have stolen the details of up to 500 million customers from the Starwood guest reservation database.

The latest class action, initiated by law firm Edelson in Maryland, claims that Marriott’s network is still vulnerable to cyberattacks. Edelson claims its in-house forensics lab discovered a flaw in Starwood’s internal systems that exposes a “wealth of information.”

Edelson’s complaint is redacted to avoid giving away the details of the vulnerability, but it does note that “some of the largest and most significant data breaches in recent history were carried out by leaving open access to this exact type of data.” 

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CUJO AI Now in 16M Homes Worldwide

CUJO AI Now in 16M Homes Worldwide | #TpromoCom #AI #Network #IoT | “Deploying our Machine Learning powered technology to 16M households is a major milestone. Our team has deployed solutions in production networks, at scale, that many think of as tomorrow’s technology.  The service covers over 200M devices – and the number keeps growing every day,“ – said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO and co-founder at CUJO AI. (Please scroll down for more)

Mountain View, California (December 3rd, 2018)  CUJO AI, a network intelligence company delivering revolutionary AI-driven solutions for network operators today announces that its solutions now cover more than 16M homes. The number will continue to grow rapidly as the company is actively delivering its services for major network operators across North America, Europe, and Asia.

“Deploying our Machine Learning powered technology to 16M households is a major milestone. Our team has deployed solutions in production networks, at scale, that many think of as tomorrow’s technology.  The service covers over 200M devices – and the number keeps growing every day,“ – said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO and co-founder at CUJO AI.

CUJO AI’s platform includes network security, device identification, and content controls. These solutions enable network operators to protect smart home devices and personalize the connected experience. The company uses machine learning and big data to deliver the nextgen security features, such as IoT behavioral analysis.

“We work with the largest network operators that rely on cutting-edge technology to improve experiences for their end users. Despite an already industry-leading suite of security solutions, we’re just getting started and are developing a variety of new services to enhance secure and private experiences,” – explains Santeri Kangas, CTO of CUJO AI.

According to a CUJO AI survey of 2600 respondents, 87.3% of consumers are concerned about a loss of personal data information. 77.5% are worried about unauthorized remote access to their devices, while 78% of users require to know detailed information about threats. Smart Home owners want to have a better visibility of their network and protection against the ever-growing threats.

The company has won numerous technology awards, including the Security Solution of the Year award at the 2018 Glotel Awards. CUJO AI was recognized as a Technology Pioneer 2018 by the World Economic Forum in May.

About CUJO AI:

CUJO AI is the leading artificial intelligence company providing network operators AI-driven solutions, including AI security, advanced device identification, content controls, and more. CUJO AI Platform creates an intuitive end-user facing application for LAN and wireless (mobile and public WiFi), powered by machine learning and real-time data. Each solution can be implemented as a white-label offering. CUJO AI was recently listed as a “Vendor to Watch” and a “Cool Vendor in IoT security” by research company Gartner. CUJO AI employs a staff of 150 professionals. More information about CUJO AI can be found at

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Ford brings artificial intelligence to Edge AWD

Ford brings artificial intelligence to Edge AWD | #TpromoCom #AI #Ford #IoT | Ford reduces engine choices from three to two, with the elimination of the normally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6. The base powerplant for the 2019 Ford Edge is now a 250-horsepower turbocharged inline four, making 275 lb.-ft. of torque. Minor tweaks have increased engine output by 5 horsepower, though the torque figure remains the same. (Please scroll down)

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Congress passes legislation on cyber security agency in DHS

Congress passes legislation on cyber security agency in DHS | #TpromoCom #DHS #Government #CyberSecurity | The United States House of Representatives has voted unanimously to pass legislation creating the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The CISA Act (H.R. 3359), which passed the Senate in October and now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law, would reorganise DHS’ National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) into a new agency and prioritise its mission as the Federal leader for cyber and physical infrastructure security. (Please scroll down)

“Today’s vote is a significant step to stand up a federal government cyber security agency,” said Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen. “The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, and we need to ensure we’re properly positioned to defend America’s infrastructure from threats digital and physical. It was time to reorganise and operationalise NPPD into the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. I thank Chairman Michael McCaul and Ranking Member Bennie Thompson for recognising our critical role and both starting and completing this transformation in the House of Representatives. I also thank Chairman Ron Johnson and Ranking Member Claire McCaskill for their tireless support of the CISA Act in the Senate.”

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IBM acquires Red Hat for 34 billion dollars

IBM acquires Red Hat for 34 billion dollars | #TpromoCom #RedHat #IBM #Acquisition #Business |  IBM and Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software, have reached a definitive agreement under which IBM will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Red Hat for $190.00 per share in cash, representing a total enterprise value of approximately $34 billion. 

“The acquisition of Red Hat is a game-changer. It changes everything about the cloud market,” said Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider, offering companies the only open cloud solution that will unlock the full value of the cloud for their businesses.

“Most companies today are only 20 percent along their cloud journey, renting compute power to cut costs,” she said. “The next 80 percent is about unlocking real business value and driving growth. This is the next chapter of the cloud. It requires shifting business applications to hybrid cloud, extracting more data and optimizing every part of the business, from supply chains to sales.”

“Open source is the default choice for modern IT solutions, and I’m incredibly proud of the role Red Hat has played in making that a reality in the enterprise,” said Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO, Red Hat. “Joining forces with IBM will provide us with a greater level of scale, resources and capabilities to accelerate the impact of open source as the basis for digital transformation and bring Red Hat to an even wider audience – all while preserving our unique culture and unwavering commitment to open source innovation.”

This acquisition brings together the best-in-class hybrid cloud providers and will enable companies to securely move all business applications to the cloud. Companies today are already using multiple clouds. However, research shows that 80 percent of business workloads have yet to move to the cloud, held back by the proprietary nature of today’s cloud market. This prevents portability of data and applications across multiple clouds, data security in a multi-cloud environment and consistent cloud management.

IBM and Red Hat will be strongly positioned to address this issue and accelerate hybrid multi-cloud adoption. Together, they will help clients create cloud-native business applications faster, drive greater portability and security of data and applications across multiple public and private clouds, all with consistent cloud management. In doing so, they will draw on their shared leadership in key technologies, such as Linux, containers, Kubernetes, multi-cloud management, and cloud management and automation.

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Cybersecurity Jobs Are Skyrocketing

Cybersecurity Jobs Are Skyrocketing | #TpromoCom #Jobs #Employmente #Trending | In March of this year, news broke that the now-defunct data consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, illegally accessed private information of over 80 million Facebook users during the 2016 presidential campaign.

While testifying before Congress in April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to hire an additional 10,000 employees dedicated to cybersecurity and content moderation to protect user data from future breaches. (scroll down please)

Though undeniably impactful, Facebook’s hiring pledge pales in comparison to the surge of bills recently drafted by the Senate Appropriations Committee allocating more than a billion dollars to combat the threat posed by cyber warfare.

It seems both government spending and tech CEOs are finally taking some responsibility for making the internet a safer place. That’s good news for those of us who like to shop, network, and post online without being hacked. It’s also good news for job creation.

The Massive Spike in Cybersecurity Jobs

Leveraging real-time data on which jobs are in high demand among employers, we put the promises of cybersecurity job growth coming from tech companies and Capitol Hill to the test. Using ZipRecruiter data, we scanned millions of job openings posted between January 2017 and June of this year to find job titles that include keywords related to cybersecurity.

Of all the industries we studied, technology saw the largest increase in cybersecurity-related roles over the past year. From June 2017 to date, cybersecurity jobs spiked 40% in the technology industry. In March, when news of the massive Facebook data breach hit, information security roles grew by 250% year over year.

With nearly 4,000 openings posted over the past 18 months, Information Security Analyst was the top job title in the field. Other top titles include Network Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, and Security Solutions Architect.

Companies are also adding information security experts to their C suites in massive numbers. Since January 2017, approximately 250 job openings for Chief Information Security Officer have been posted to

Information Security Across Industries

Although the technology industry has had the most openings for information security jobs, we’ve also seen significant information security growth across healthcare, government, and finance since March 2017.

Job openings for Cybersecurity Specialists increased over 400% in both healthcare and finance from March 2017 to March of this year. Government is slightly behind the curve but still developing steadily, with a 280% year-over-year increase in cybersecurity positions over the same period.

Network Security Specialist was the top job title among these industries. But more specialized roles are also being created, like Chief Privacy Officer in Healthcare and Financial Security Analyst within finance.

Given the incredible demand for Cybersecurity Analysts, job seekers with tech backgrounds should consider expanding their skill sets to find a job in the burgeoning industry. Certifications in information security go a long way toward landing a top job, and research from data firm Burning Glass shows being a Certified Information Security Professional can add an $18,000 annual salary premium to what is already a very well-paying role.

Feel free to review ZipRecruiter’s salary page: click here.

Written by Jeffery Marino
ZipRecruiter’s Data Journalist, Jeffery writes about emerging job market trends using traditional and proprietary ZipRecruiter data.

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Serious D-Link router security flaws may never be patched

Serious D-Link router security flaws may never be patched | #TpromoCom #DLink #Router #Patch | In May, Polish researcher Błażej Adamczyk of the Silesian University of Technology contacted D-Link to tell it he’d discovered a trio of important security flaws affecting eight of its Wi-Fi routers.

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According to Adamczyk, D-Link replied two weeks later to say that two of the products would be patched in due course but that the remaining six were considered end of life (EOL), the implication being that they wouldn’t be updated.

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