Police and FBI: Credit Card Skimmers at ATM’s, Gas Pumps, and More

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Allan B. Colombo

Skimmers are becoming a huge problem for ATM’s, gas stations, and anywhere else where a credit card is used  in some manner. Below  you will find several news stories on the criminal use of skimmers for the purpose of gleaning credit card information followed by a short social media tweet that contains a link to a story on how you can spot a skimmer setup.

Credit-card skimmer found at local gas station | #TpromoCom #CreditCard #Skimmer #Police | Police say the skimmer was placed on fuel pump No. 4 at the Pruitt’s Shell on 1316 North State Highway 36 in Gatesville. Officials say a small circuit was placed on the card reader, saving numbers of any cars used at that fuel pump.

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Gas pump skimmer found in Cabot | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #CreditCard #Police | A victim reported purchasing gas from pump 3 on Monday and since then, he has been alerted by this card provider about several questionable charges on his account in Florida, according to the authorities.

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Blake Dowling: Navigating a minefield of new cyberthreats | #TpromoCom #CyberSecurity #Skimmer #CreditCard | And lest we forget … the skimming attacks taking place at gas stations all over the state. This week, I had an opportunity to sit down with Secretary of State Laurel Lee. We started the cybersecurity conversation with card skimming, leading into elections and how much the game has changed in the past 10 years.

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Consumer Alert: FBI warns of online threat posed by ‘e-skimmers’ | #TpromoCom #FBI #skimmer #CreditCard | E-skimmers are lines of computer code that hackers can insert into online shopping carts on websites. They’re akin to the physical skimmers that can be lurking inside ATMs or at gas pumps, ready to steal the financial information of unsuspecting users.

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How To Spot And Avoid Card Skimmers At The Gas Pump | #TpromoCom #creditcard #credit #scam | See how to spot credit card skimmers and learn simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. Click Here!

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Active Shooter Gunshot Detection Guide: When Seconds Count

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Active Shooter Gunshot Detection Guide: When Seconds Count | #TpromoCom #GunShot #Shooter #Police | Early detection can trigger a host of responses including alerting occupants to the location where shots were fired while triggering building alarms.

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Over the past decade, the number of active shooter incidents in the United States has grown exponentially. According to fbi.gov, there were 214 fatalities from active shooters in 2016, which jumped to 729 just one year later. Most of these shootings (62.8%) occurred in businesses and schools.

However, the reality is active shooter incidents can happen anywhere at any time – meaning no place is immune to an active shooter event. While it is impossible to prevent every active shooter event from occurring, new technology is helping first responders and law enforcement mitigate the threat faster to help reduce the number of casualties.

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Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!

Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations

Tips to avoid card skimmers at gas stations | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #Fraud #Money | Skimmers on card readers at gas station pumps seem to be becoming more commonplace.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “skimmers are illegal card readers attached to payment terminals. These card readers grab data off a credit or debit card’s magnetic stripe without your knowledge. Criminals sell the stolen data or use it to buy things online. You won’t know your information has been stolen until you get your statement or an overdraft notice.”

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Editor’s Note: We’ve featured gas skimming news articles on Security eNews in the past. Here are a list of those articles with links to the pages where they appear on this Website. –Al Colombo

  • Two Nabbed Using Credit Card Skimmer To Steal Bank Info, Shelton Police Say | #TpromoCom #CreditCard #ATM #Bank | Jordy Diggins, 28, of Mount Vernon, and Jahquane Rennix, 19, of Queens, and were arrested by Shelton Police on Wednesday, April 10, following an investigation into complaints from residents that their bank accounts had been comprised, said Shelton Police Det. Richard Bango. (click here)
  • Skimmer found on Broadview Heights ATM; PHOTOS | #TpromoCom #Skimmer #ATM #Bank #Security | Have you ever seen a “skimmer” in place at an ATM? If you said no, don’t feel alone, I haven’t either. In this news article, however, you will find out some ways in which to spot this ploy at stealing your money. In fact, we’re featuring a number of videos below to help assure that you do not become a victim of this kind of crime. (click here)
  • FBI warns drivers about card skimmers at the gas pump | #TpromoCom #FBI#Scam #Fraud #Keypad | The FBI and Secret Service want drivers to pay attention when swiping their cards. A warning has been issued about those card skimmers that can be placed on card readers at the gas pumps. The scam is costing people thousands of dollars. Right now, agents are out working to locate and recover the devices in 21 states and the effort comes at a particularly busy time. (click here)
  • How To Spot And Avoid Card Skimmers At The Gas Pump | #TpromoCom #creditcard #credit #scam | See how to spot credit card skimmers and learn simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. (click here)
Human Investigation Management – ISIO
Human Investigation Management – ISIO. Find out more by clicking!

Border & Maritime security to grow two-fold by 2028

#Border & #Maritime #security to grow two-fold by 2028 | #TpromoCom #Trending | Global instability due to terrorism and civil disruptions is leading to increased pressures among border and maritime security agencies to keep their borders safe from human, drugs, and weapons trafficking while streamlining operations to process genuine travellers.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Border and Maritime Security Market, a high impetus on cross-border data sharing and integrated security systems is driving the need for technological solutions that act as force multipliers. Frost & Sullivan forecasts the market to grow two-fold from $19.22 billion in 2018 to reach $35.23 billion in 2028 at 6 percent CAGR.

“The adoption and integration of next-generation systems and technologies powered by artificial intelligence and real-time big data analytics will enable faster and more accurate threat detection, tracking, and decision making,” said Aravind Srimoolanathan, Senior Research Analyst, Security at Frost & Sullivan. “Robust network infrastructure and cyber security capabilities will be required with increasing inter-agency collaboration and cross-border data sharing.”

From a technology standpoint, Srimoolanathan predicts that multimodal biometrics for seamless security processing of travellers, tracking and identification through video analytics, and the concept of smart border management will gain prominence. Security industry consolidation and merger and acquisition activities with start-ups, which provide innovative solutions for the border security market, are also highly likely.

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Hackers Still Outpace Breach Detection, Containment Efforts

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#Hackers Still Outpace #DataBreach Detection, Containment Efforts | #TpromoCom #Hacker #CyberSecurity | Research shows time to discovery and containment of breaches slowly shrinking, but attackers don’t need a very big window to do a lot of damage.

It’s breach report season and one of the prevailing trends uncovered by security researchers is that organizations are ever-so-slowly improving the window between when a compromise occurs and when it gets detected. In spite of this slight gain, the fact solidly remains that the typical breach timeline still completely favors attackers.

Two different reports this spring showed that organizations are shortening the time to discovery of data breaches. Most recently, the Trustwave 2019 Global Security Report released late last month found that the time between an intrusion and detection of that incident shrank almost in half. That study showed that the median time between intrusion and detection fell from 26 days in 2017 to 14 days in 2018.

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Google Helps Police Identify Devices Close to Crime Scenes Using Location Data

Google Helps Police Identify Devices Close to Crime Scenes Using Location Data | #TpromoCom #Google #Police #Crime | It’s no secret that Google tracks you everywhere, even when you keep Google’s Location History feature disabled.

As revealed by an Associated Press investigation in 2018, other Google apps like Maps or daily weather update service on Android allows the tech giant to continuously collect your precise latitude and longitude.

According to Google, the company uses this location-tracking features with an intent to improve its users’ experience, like “personalized maps, recommendations based on places you’ve visited, help finding your phone, real-time traffic updates about your commute, and more useful ads.”

Moreover, it’s also known that Google could share your location data with federal authorities in criminal investigations when asked with a warrant.

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Carmine Persico, Colombo Crime Family Boss, Is Dead at 85

Carmine Persico, Colombo Crime Family Boss, Is Dead at 85 | #TpromoCom #Colombo #OrganizedCrime #Death | Carmine Persico in September 1986 at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan. Three months earlier he had been found guilty of charges that he was the leader of a vast criminal enterprise. In September he was convicted of additional racketeering charges and sentenced to 100 years in prison, raising his combined sentences to 139 years.CreditCreditChester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

Carmine J. Persico, who emerged from gangland Brooklyn to become the unpredictable boss of one of the nation’s most powerful Mafia organizations in an era when the mob in New York was at the peak of its prosperity, died a prisoner on Thursday in North Carolina, where he was serving a 139-year sentence. He was 85.

His lawyer, Benson Weintraub, confirmed the death, at Duke University Medical Center in Durham. He said he did not know the cause. Mr. Persico had been incarcerated nearby at a federal prison in Butner, N.C.

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Forensics gone wrong: When DNA snares the innocent

Forensics gone wrong: When DNA snares the innocent | #TpromoCom #DNA #Forensics #Investigation | Its accuracy has made DNA evidence virtually unassailable. A landmark report published by the National Research Council in 2009 dismissed most forensics as unproven folk-wisdom but singled out DNA as the one forensic science worthy of the name. Yet in recent years Hampikian and other geneticists have begun to question the technology.

Thanks to a series of advances—including the polymerase chain reaction, which can multiply tiny amounts of DNA—it’s now possible to detect DNA at levels hundreds or even thousands of times lower than when DNA fingerprinting was developed in the 1980s. Investigators can even collect “touch DNA” from fingerprints on, say, a glass or a doorknob. A mere 25 or 30 cells will sometimes suffice.

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