The Ongoing History of Law Enforcement, Military and Civil Biometrics with HID’s Russ Megonigal

Law and Order begins with Police on the streets (image)
Law and Order begins with Police on the streets.

The Ongoing #History of Law #Enforcement, #Military and Civil #Biometrics with #HID’s Russ Megonigal | #TpromoCom | At FindBiometrics we trace the evolution of our dynamic industry as it happens, and with the catalyzing pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic spotlighting the need for biometrics, now is a perfect time to reflect on the past, present, and future of identity.

That’s the subject of this special episode of ID Talk, in which podcast host Peter Counter interviews Russ Megonigal, Senior Product Manager of Biometric Hardware at HID Global, about the ongoing history of biometrics and identity.

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Items For Sale on Security & Fire Buy or Sell on Facebook

Security & Fire Buy or Sell (image)
It’s not uncommon for alarm dealers and security integrators to have an overstock situation  when finished with an installation. Security & Fire Buy or Sell was developed to provide a marketing outlet  for authorized members. If you’re an alarm dealer or security integrator and you’d like to join us, please fill out the form at the end of this  presentation to receive more information.

At present, members of our technology forum have the following items for sale:

  1. Wayne is selling a 16 ch AV TECH dvr with a 1tb hard drive, a 16 ch camera power box 24v, and 10- Pelco indoor 2.8-12 mm dome cameras 12v/24v
  2. Jacqies has a Pima Hunter Pro Alarm Panel and Keypad as well as Alarm Reporting Module and Plug in Reciever,also with a Caddy Nx7 Panel And keypad,Both Alarms powers up,selling both for R300 whatsapp or inbox 0769294618
  3. James is offering several different Lenel parts (around 200 doors worth) that is taking up room in the shop. Here is a couple sets I put together. Is there any interest? If so, make me a reasonable offer.
  4. We have a member looking for a Siemens distributor to work with
  5. Kenneth is selling window bars 150 black flat panels for back doors 100 I have two different style cages one is 150 older model newer model 250 I have two hard seat old school 100 are newer model 125 center console as well 125 Touch screen radio 175 with remote push bar for 100 will install anything I posted for a price. Cage install 125 includes hard seat. siren 200 Window bars and back panels 50.
  6. Brandon has a Honeywell Wireless Home Security Panel – Lynx Plus for sale.
  7. Daniel has a new Adams Rite 8420SE37236 Electrified mortise exit device in dark bronze finish, 36 inch, 1 1/8 backset…  Comes with everything still in the bags, and new 1 1/8 lock in the box.

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Superior solar power by way of MIT PV innovation (video)
New innovation from MIT that makes solar more
efficient and practical (see the video).

Beyond Clean© by MasterCorp. Updated protocols to better serve clients and guests.

Alison online courses where you can get a free education (image)
Alison online courses where you can get a free education.

Beyond Clean© by MasterCorp. Updated protocols to better serve clients and guests | #TpromoCom #Commercial #disinfect  #Resorts | MasterCorp Hospitality Services announced Beyond Clean© Services in May 2020. These are new services offered to ensure a safe and clean environment for guests and employees.

Other companies offer to disinfect businesses but may not properly remove soil and debris from surfaces and work areas prior to disinfecting. Beyond Clean Services include enhanced disinfecting procedures and offers a new way for resorts and businesses to boost consumer confidence in returning to their business.

“Through Beyond Clean, MasterCorp goes beyond sanitizing to provide a disinfected clean that removes 99.9% of all germs, microbials, and viruses including COVID-19. We clean and disinfect as if our own families are using your facility – you can trust us to deliver!” – Scott Schreiber, Chief Administrative Officer at MasterCorp Hospitality Services.

Beyond Clean Service options include:

·       Proprietary “7-Steps” Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

·       Targeted Electrostatic Spraying to high touch areas

·       Comprehensive Electrostatic Spraying of the entire facility

Beyond Clean Services are available now. For more information, visit or call 1.844.628.2501.

About MasterCorp Hospitality Services: MasterCorp Hospitality Services has served the hospitality industry for over 39 years performing over 3.4 million cleans annually at our 120 properties nationwide.  Our award-winning people and services lead the housekeeping industry.

Alison online courses where you can get a free education (image)
Alison online courses where you can get a free education.

Utility Monitoring: A New and Exciting RMR Opportunity for Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers

Utility Monitoring offers a new source of RMR (image)The monitoring of intrusion alarm systems, closed circuit television, access control, fire alarms and other is a common way to create a bountiful and reliable supply of cash flow. Not only does it provide operating capital, but when it comes to retirement, when it’s time to sell the business, it will jack the going price by many times.

Utility Monitoring adds an additional revenue stream to your RMR (image)If you’re a security integrator or an alarm dealer, you can add considerably to the RMR you’re making every month now by adding Utility Monitoring to your list of monitored systems. Believe me, someone’s going to do it, and so why not you?

Find out more about it by contacting me, Al Colombo, a 45-year veteran of the security industry. Fill out the form below and I’ll connect with you on a day and time when we can chat. If you want to chat by phone, be sure to leave your number in the comment window.

Thank you,
Al Colombo

56% of all light vehicles in the US will be actively connected cars by 2022

56% of all light #vehicles in the US will be actively connected #cars by 2022 | #TpromoCom #IoT #Internet | Parks Associates estimates the US will have 169 million actively connected cars by 2022, representing 56% of all light vehicles.

The firm’s 23rd-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, May 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, features the Connected Car Corner, by InstallerNet, and a special session on the connected car-smart home crossover to examine the latest innovations in this market area and the opportunities for vendors, manufacturers, and service providers to extend their IoT solutions to the vehicle.

The Connected Car Corner, by InstallerNet, features innovations from Alpine, Owlcam, Reviver, SiriusXM,, VOXX, and Waylens, among others. Solutions on display include Android Auto and Apple Car Play, dash camera recording, customer lifecycle support, digital key control and license plate, driver scoring, remote engine start, radar detection, GPS navigation, safety and security features, voice activation, WiFi hotspot, and wireless backup camera.

The session “Connected Cars: Extension for the Smart Home” features the following speakers:

  • Brian Brackenbury, Director, Connected Products, Gentex Corporation
  • Jan-Philipp Gehrmann, Director, Head of Automotive Sales & Marketing Silicon Valley, NXP
  • Andy Hodge, CEO, Founder, Owl Cameras Inc.
  • Katie McMahon, VP and GM, SoundHound Inc.
  • Dr. Alan Messer, CTO, Mojio

“From a technology perspective, many of the building blocks are already in-place for cars to connect to the smart home; however, ensuring a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use interface is critical for a non-distracted driving experience,” said Brian Brackenbury, Director, Connected Products, Gentex Corporation. “While voice has made some great strides forward, the automobile environment has factors like road noise, fellow passengers, and noisy kids that don’t always make voice the right choice for a user interface. Aggregating the fragmented services into a simple, one-touch interface, like HomeLink Connect, will ensure the end user gets something they can actually use every day, in all conditions!”

“The interrelationships between our homes, devices, and vehicles are becoming smarter and more seamless,” said Jan-Philipp Gehrmann, Sr. Director, Head of Automotive Sales & Marketing Silicon Valley, NXP. “I look forward to joining the Premier Connected Home Conference to share more about these exciting developments and how new automotive technologies are making transport increasingly autonomous, safer, more environmentally sound, and securely connected.”

“Connected car is what’s next after the connected home. Just like it is in the home, video security is at the heart of what consumers and businesses need for their cars and trucks,” said Andy Hodge, CEO, Founder, Owl Cameras Inc.

“Our burgeoning global population is straining our housing supply worldwide. We must do everything we’re able to avoid a tangential energy crisis, and smart apartment technology is uniquely positioned to do so,” said Felicite Moorman, CEO, STRATIS IoT.

“With the adoption of voice AI technology in connected cars as a top priority in the automotive industry, we’re at a tipping point for leveraging voice across all industries,” said Katie McMahon, VP/GM, SoundHound. “I look forward to telling the story of how integrating voice AI into cars and other Internet of Things devices can vastly improve consumers’ customized experiences, as well as allow companies to maintain their own brands.”

“The smart home ecosystem is expanding rapidly,” said Dr. Alan Messer, CTO, Mojio. “As consumers realize the value of an increasingly connected lifestyle, innovative players like Mojio and Vivint are enabling the next generation of consumer IoT services that unite the capabilities of connected cars and smart homes to unlock enhanced safety, security, and convenience protection for the two most valuable assets – our homes and our cars.”

CONNECTIONS™ will host more than 650 high-level executives in an intimate networking environment and includes a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight designed to capture the complexity and opportunities in these interconnected markets.

CONNECTIONS™ sponsors include F-Secure,, Rapid Response Monitoring, Verisk, Amber, AmTrust Specialty Risk, Arlo, Audio Analytic, Ayla Networks, Bitdefender, Cirrent, Firedome, Johnson Controls, Lutron, Mnubo, Oaks Labs, PassiveBolt, Redpine Signals, Schlage,, Trusource Labs, ULE Alliance, Universal Electronics, Wi-Charge, Zigbee Alliance, Control4, Flo Technologies, Owlcam, Zen Ecosystems, HP, SAM Seamless Network, HelloTech, Inspire, and Alula. Connected Car Corner, by InstallerNet, will feature companies with specific solutions and technology for the connected car.

For more information, visit To schedule an interview with an analyst or to request specific data, contact Sherrelle Lewis at, 972-996-0214.


Parks Associates’ 23nd-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference will take place May 21-23, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco. CONNECTIONS™ is the premier connected home event hosting more than 650 executives from the connected entertainment, IoT, and smart home industries. For more information, contact, call 972-490-1113, visit

AC Hotel in Times Square Installs Custom Boon Edam Revolving Door

AC Hotel in Times Square Installs Custom Boon Edam Revolving Door | #TpromoCom #Door #Hotel #Security | A Boon Edam BoonAssist manual revolving door met all of those requirements and more for the revolving door required at the AC Hotels by Marriott brand, located on West 40th Street.

May 8, 2019 – Times Square in New York City is arguably one of the most popular attractions in the world, with restaurants, stores, energetic crowds and pulsing lights from towering digital billboards. It’s also home to AC Hotel New York Times Square, a recently opened property that’s part of the AC Hotels by Marriott brand, located on West 40th Street.

The one-year-old hotel has 21 floors with 290 rooms and suites, with options including high views, floor-to-ceiling windows and full balconies. It also has more than 3,500 square feet of event space, a 24/7 fitness center, an AC Library, and Castell Rooftop Lounge on the 21st floor. The hotel, which was designed by Helpern Architects of New York City, is detailed with original artwork in the hotel’s shared spaces – from sculptures to abstract paintings – by a mix of local, national and international artists. The photography in the guestrooms is by Richard Silver, featuring NYC’s iconic architecture. OTO Development, part of The Johnson Group, owns and operates AC Hotel New York Times Square.

A Main Entrance with Style and Function
On average, more than 1,000 people enter the hotel each day, says General Manager Ben Britton. The property’s design team sought a main entrance solution that would not only accommodate pedestrian traffic, but would also fit with the hotel’s soaring glass exterior and all-white entrance with its large, cantilevered awning extending over the sidewalk. The solution also needed to filter outside noise and other sensory distractions to help create an “oasis of calm, a retreat from the New York City’s hustle and bustle,” Britton says. In addition, the entrance solution needed to coordinate with the overall hotel brand, based on providing a harmonious, modern and discerning guest experience.

A Boon Edam BoonAssist manual revolving door met all of those requirements and more, including a custom-made, all-white color that matches the exterior entrance decor. The door’s dimensions are built to complement the scale of the entry at 10 feet diameter and almost 14 feet tall. “Due to the size of the door, we chose the manual assist option to reduce strain on the motor,” explains Britton. “The door has a weight to it that provides a sense of grandeur as you enter the hotel, while the power assist feature makes it easy for our guests to use.”

Revolving Doors Enhance the Sensory Experience
The revolving door also helps ensure that guests are connected with the full experience that the hotel aims to provide. “We are very keen on providing a sensory experience,” Britton says. “The lobby exudes the AC Hotels brand signature scent. We work to ensure the lobby space is quiet and calm so that our business guests can conduct a business conversation. Considering the environment outside on the street, the revolving door helps us achieve these goals – it also provides a brief transition experience for the customer as they pass through it, sort of ’washing the street off of you,’” Britton observes.

Britton notes that maintenance of the Boon Edam revolving door has been seamless, with no issues to date. The hotel’s engineering team is fully trained on the door’s operation, including its regular maintenance schedule.

The hotel’s operations team is pleased with how the Boon Edam revolving door controls pedestrian traffic and creates an ideal transition into the peaceful lobby; the design team is happy with how the door design and special color add to the beauty of the hotel exterior.

“AC Hotel Times Square has gotten a lot of attention both nationally and internationally,” Britton says. “I believe that this type of sleek, modern design is the future. Hotel chains will update their design elements to be more in line with what our hotel has already accomplished. Boon Edam provided a great solution.”

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SSI Names 2019 SAMMY Sales and Marketing Award Winners

SSI Names 2019 SAMMY Sales and Marketing Award Winners | #TpromoCom #SSI #Marketing #Award | LAS VEGAS — SSI welcomed security professionals from across North America to the 24th Annual SAMMY Awards this evening to celebrate security dealers and systems integrators for their marketing, business, installation and overall excellence.

Held at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino on the eve of ISC West, winners were announced in each of 12 categories, including grand prizes for Installers of the Year, Integrated Installations of the Year and Overall Integrated Marketing Program of the Year. A Community Service award was also bestowed for volunteerism and charitable endeavors.

SSI received almost 160 SAMMY entries from installing and monitoring security systems contractors from throughout North America. Also honored were the 2019 SSI Industry Hall of Fame inductees.

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