Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Good at Fake News

Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Good at Fake News | #TpromoCom #AI #News #FakeNews | OpenAI has written an algorithm that produces fake news stories. It’s surprisingly convincing.

Algorithms have long been able to produce basic news stories from press releases or sets of financial data; that’s not much of a threat to most humans in the news business. Now, however, artificial intelligence has taken a step further. It’s learned to perform a tougher task – to produce convincing-looking fake news.


Stringing together a few formulaic passages from a set of numbers is a mechanical job. Inventing a fake news story on a random subject requires imagination; not every human is up to it. The San Francisco-based nonprofit OpenAI, founded by Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk and Y Combinator President Sam Altman, has produced a so-called language model that can do it. The quality of the output is somewhat uneven, but the best examples resemble human writing to a frightening degree.

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