Amazon-owned Ring has reportedly been spying on customer camera feeds

Amazon-owned Ring has reportedly been spying on customer camera feeds | #TpromoCom #Camera #VideoSurveillance #Privacy | If you own a Ring doorbell camera system, we’ve got some bad news. The smart home company owned by Amazon, which the Internet retail giant shelled out more than $1 billion to acquire, has apparently been violating its customers’ privacy in a pretty shocking way.

A new report from The Intercept quotes unnamed sources who confirm that engineers and executives at Ring have “highly privileged access” to live customer camera feeds, utilizing both Ring’s doorbells as well as its in-home cameras.

Ring allegedly has a backdoor into their video surveillance system that allows people outside the home to spy on porch cameras as well as those inside the home.

“When security integrators and alarm dealers provide video surveillance at on the exterior of a home, we assume that the manufacturer of the system is as ethical and moralistic as the mission for which it’s installed. To discover that the exterior camera system that we’re using provides unbridled access to inside cameras to company executives and others is something that we would never expect to hear,” says Al Colombo, a well known author in the security industry.

“There are some security professionals who will ignore this news. They will continue to use these products that knowingly call personal security in question. If you’re selling this product, please do the right thing and dig into the issue further to verify 1) that the allegation is true, and 2) how you can mitigate the risk for existing clients as well as new ones.”

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