6 Things To Know About the Ransomware That Hit Norsk Hydro

6 Things To Know About the Ransomware That Hit Norsk Hydro | #TpromoCom #Ransomeware #CyberSecurity #Hackers | In just one week, ‘LockerGoga’ has cost the Norwegian aluminum maker $40 million as it struggles to recover operations across Europe and North America.

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LockerGoga – the malware that recently disrupted operations at Norwegian aluminum company Norsk Hydro – is the latest example of the rapidly changing nature of ransomware attacks.

CyberSecurity is becoming an extremely important element of online business. Ransomeware is one of the upcoming trends that cause many businesses to falter and fail.

The March 19 attack impacted critical operations in several of Hydro’s business areas across Europe and North America. The attack forced the aluminum maker to resort to manual operations at multiple plants. It crippled production systems belonging to Hydro’s Extruded Solution group in particular, resulting in temporary plant closures and operational slowdowns that are still getting only in the process of getting restored.

In two updates this week, Norsk Hydro described the attack as so far costing it about $40 million.

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