Arecont Vision Costar sets out a plan for the future

Arecont Vision Costar sets out a plan for the future | #TpromoCom #VideoSurveillance #Business | Following the initial launch of the business in July 2018, Arecont Vision Costar, has now made public its key product portfolio, business plans, and executive leadership team. The new company is a business unit of Costar Technologies, Inc, a Coppell, Texas-based corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of proven products for the video surveillance and machine vision markets.

Arecont Vision Costar continues to base its headquarters, R&D, manufacturing, and support facilities in Glendale, California in Los Angeles county, taking over the building formerly occupied by its predecessor business, Arecont Vision, LLC. The majority of employees and the executive leadership team transitioned to the new business, as did all existing products, technologies, patents, and trademarks of the original company.

“We’re very excited to have a new beginning for Arecont Vision Costar, with a great strategic fit that builds on our predecessor’s pioneering legacy of megapixel camera technology leadership, while leveraging the resources and expertise of Costar Technologies,” stated Raul Calderon, President, Arecont Vision Costar. “The result is that our customers can be confident not only of our financial health and long-term future, but also in purchasing our new Arecont Vision Total Video Solution to meet their surveillance system needs.”

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Modular DITEK Surge Protector Removes the Guesswork

Modular DITEK Surge Protector Removes the Guesswork | #TpromoCom #Power #Security | Notifies 3 Ways When Compromised; Offers Rapid-Replacement Module. New Deflector Series is Ideal for Convenience Stores with Audio Alert, UL Approval and No Separate Enclosure Needed

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Las Vegas, NV (October 8, 2018) – DITEK, the leading provider of surge protection solutions, announces the launch of the new Deflector Series Surge Protective Devices. With its audible alarm, flashing LED indicator and remote notification capability, the Deflector lets the user know in three ways when it requires attention. Unique rapid-replacement modules make it possible to have the unit up and running again in only a few seconds. The Deflector is conveniently wall-mountable, with no additional enclosure required, allowing it to be placed in close proximity to core systems or devices that warrant the highest levels of protection.

“The Deflector Series makes it even easier to keep fire alarm panels – or any mission-critical 120-volt device not exceeding 20 amps – safe from damage or destruction from power surges,” said Jason Klein, National Sales Manager, DITEK. “Up until now, it’s been a problem for users who may not see a visible out-of-service indicator until it’s too late and their equipment has been damaged by a power surge. The Deflector solves that problem with a unique audible alarm that can’t be ignored. The Deflector is ideal for convenience stores as owners/operators will know immediately if a power surge puts their facility out of commission, and it would take only three seconds to pop in a new module and have it working again.”

The first product in this new series, the DTK-DF120S1 Deflector Series Surge Protector is a 120-volt dedicated circuit protection device designed to minimize damage from AC supply voltage spikes by isolating incoming surges that originate from lightning strikes and other sources. The device is simple for a licensed electrician to hardwire into a circuit, with no enclosure or rack required.

When the Deflector does its job by absorbing a power surge and stops functioning, the unit sounds a loud audible alarm and an LED flashes, indicating that the module needs to be replaced. Intelligent notification is also available via dry contacts which can be connected to alarm panels to alert central station monitoring that the module needs replacing.

“With the Deflector Series, you’ll always know when the surge protection on your critical devices and systems requires immediate attention. When it goes, you’ll hear it and see it, and it’s a true rapid-replacement for the module,” said Klein. “Whether it’s a fire alarm panel or a whole rack of servers, our new Deflector Series will best protect every device powered by 120 volts.”

The Deflector Series is UL1449 listed as a Surge Protective Device (SPD), as well as UL1283 listed for EMI/RFI noise filtering.

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Flir Systems acquires Acyclica

Flir Systems acquires Acyclica | #TpromoCom #Acquisition #Business #Security | Acyclica’s solutions provide high-resolution, real-time traffic information to transportation department end-users to make roads safer, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency and performance of thoroughfares.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Acyclica delivers cloud-based analytics of data generated from proprietary technology and from other sensing sources, such as visible and thermal cameras, roadway sensors, radars, and intersection signals. The Acyclica solution is utilised by transportation departments across the globe to get a clear, accurate, and actionable view of their roadway infrastructure to improve traffic flow and safety. Acyclica’s APIs allow for easy integration into third-party Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) systems, including Flir ITS cameras, which are currently offered with Acyclica technology on board.

“Acquiring Acyclica is a key step for our ITS business in that it adds a new sensing platform and a data analytics software element to our mission to provide complete and valuable traffic optimization solutions for our global transportation system customers,” said James Cannon, President and CEO of Flir. “The great efficiencies that are created with these ITS systems fits our mission of improving livelihoods and adds to our broader smart and safe city solutions. Additionally, we feel the capabilities of the Acyclica team in data analytics and software platforms is scalable across numerous other Flir businesses.”

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ATTO Technology to Empower Data-Driven Business at NetApp Insight

ATTO Technology to Empower Data-Driven Business at NetApp | #TpromoCom #ISC #Data #Network | InsightATTO will exhibit at NetApp Insight 2018 in Las Vegas

Amherst, NY, Sept. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage, network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments for 30 years, announced today they will be exhibiting at NetApp Insight™ Americas 2018 in Las Vegas October 22-24 held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

ATTO is a proud sponsor of NetApp Insight and a member of the NetApp Alliance Partner Program.  At NetApp Insight Americas, we will show how ATTO high-performance connectivity solutions empower businesses to be data-driven when combined with NetApp solutions.

As businesses transform into data-driven enterprises, they need to be sure their infrastructures can move all of their data quickly and efficiently.  From storage to servers to workstations, without high-performance connectivity all of that data can potentially bottleneck throughout the network.  This is why IT professionals choose ATTO.

As a key part of the NetApp® MetroCluster™ solution, ATTO storage controllers provide low latency, high-speed data paths, disaster recovery and downtime avoidance. ATTO FibreBridge®  7500N storage controller, which ships with every NetApp MetroCluster configuration, integrates SAS/SATA disk storage into a Fibre Channel SAN, increasing availability and scalability while allowing the use of NetApp FAS series storage on a shared Fibre Channel network. By delivering 1.47M 4K IOPS in dual-controller configurations and less than four microseconds of latency, the 7500N provides unmatched cost-to-IOPS value and the lowest access latency in the industry.

ATTO enhances NetApp ecosystems beyond MetroCluster with a full range of storage and network connectivity products. These are rigorously tested by ATTO for interoperability with NetApp solutions and most are certified compatible directly by NetApp.

ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs and ATTO FastFrame NICs can unleash the full potential of NetApp data-driven solutions. Celerity 32Gb quad channel HBAs deliver up to 12.8GB/s transfer rate.  FastFrame 10/25/40/50/100GbE adapters are available in single, dual, and quad-port configurations and feature ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) for smooth, reliable transfers.

Both Celerity and FastFrame product lines include the exclusive ATTO MultiPath Director technology which ensures the highest performance and greatest ROI for data-driven environments. MultiPath Director allows users to manage direct connections and multiple paths to NetApp enterprise storage systems, increasing the reliability of Linux®, Mac OS® X and Windows® applications, all while improving performance and protecting data through load-balancing and failover.

For virtualized environments, archiving, database, business analytics and other uses that depend on direct-attached storage, ATTO ExpressSAS® host and RAID Adapters provide high-performance, low latency, and extreme flexibility. ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) technology can cut storage access times up to half.  ADS provides consistently high performance and the lowest response times via intelligent caching, smart reads/writes and memory optimization.

For details on how ATTO powers NetApp solutions take a look at the ATTO NetApp solutions on our website.

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Review: The .44 Magnum and Dirty Harry

Review: The .44 Magnum and Dirty Harry | #TpromoCom #DirtyHarry #44Magnum #Review | Clint Eastwood, the star of Dirty Harry, confronts Scorpio in an all out effort to stop the madness. This 1972 article in Guns magazine discusses the realism with regards to the use of a .44 Magnum revolver and how Eastwood managed to pull it off. This is a review of an article on Eastwood and his gun in the collectible Guns magazine, dated September 1972.

The future workplace is anywhere and you can access anywhere with Nexkey

The future workplace is anywhere and you can access anywhere with Nexkey | #TpromoCom #NexKey #AccessControl #Security | Work is changing yet again as new generations, Millennials and Gen Z, enter the workforce and technological advancements in the cloud open new doors. It’s a new culture wave washing over Silicon Valley and the rest of the world. Companies need to embrace the ride or crash on the rocks.  This new worker of 2018 is known as the digital nomad, whose work is independent of the location.

Passionate about life and travel, digital nomads work from anywhere in the world and embrace the culture around them. Cubicles are left behind. Working remote is practiced more today than ever before, either as an employee perk, as a contractor and freelancer, or the ability to work at satellite offices while on vacation.

Zapier built their entire company around the idea and now employs 150 remote employees working all around the world in more than 17 countries.  Big companies are even venturing outside their traditional headquarters to open multiple satellite offices and invest in coworking spaces, giving employees the flexibility to work where they choose.

Working remotely is not just beneficial to employees but to the employer as well. Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University, ran an experiment over nine months with 250 workers – half worked remotely and the other half in the office. Remote workers worked 9.5% longer hours and were 13% more productive.  

Not only are companies getting onboard but an entire industry was created from this idea – shared workspaces. Coworking spaces allow freelancers and startups to have flexible work schedules and work from anywhere but bring a sense of community that’s missing when working in a coffee shop or at home.  According to Emergent Research, 5.1 million people will work in coworking spaces by 2022, increasing 24.2% every year.

Turns out that Millennials look for more flexibility when choosing a place to work. According to an Aftercollege survey, 68% millennials are more interested in employers who have a flexible work environment and allow them to work remotely. The ability to travel and work from anywhere is appealing and advanced technology is making it a reality. Millennials need constant change in their careers, 21% of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year according to a Gallup report. They have been dubbed the job hopping generation.

Ubiquitous computing and cloud technology has completely driven this new concept of work.  Like a snowball effect, the cloud has let us work on any device and naturally we’re now eager to take those devices outside the traditional office to new places.  The physical world will start to promote the worklife of digital nomads and remote workers as more physical spaces and devices are connected to the cloud.

For the digital nomad, remote worker, or millennial worker looking for flexibility, the idea that you work at one desk, and at one company until you retire will soon be a distant memory.

As companies adopt open plan offices and coworking spaces, access needs to change to meet the needs of the future mobile workforce.  

A digital nomad or remote employee flying to Austin, Texas for the day should be granted access to an office space as quickly as ordering an Uber.

Keys are an outdated technology and barrier to this idea of work.  It is very hard to get access around the world for this new generation of workers who may land in a new city on a weekly basis.  Most deal with subpar internet at some coffee shop or airport, or waste time signing in with the receptionists.

Mobile access is not a new concept but current smart lock technology is limited and as of today can not fully replace keys.  Most popular smart locks are limited to deadbolt doors.
Digital Nomads may gain access to the coworking space with their phone, but still need to bring their own lock and key to use a bike to get around or lock their things in a locker for the day.  

We see a glimpse into a keyless future with access control and smart locks but why do we still have to carry around our garage fob, keycard for the office, and key for a storage lock?   Universal keyless entry with a smartphone is possible – not just keys to the front door but keys for the garage, elevator, bike lock, filing cabinet all on your phone. The rise of remote workers and digital nomads is approaching quickly and it is up to companies and coworking spaces to make it easier to work anywhere.  The trend of using a smartphone to access homes is not fully aligning with the needs of this new workforce of digital nomads and remote workers.

We would like to introduce Nexkey, which is not a smart lock, but a platform of hard- and software products that instead can transform any lock into a smart lock – from deadbolts to garage doors down to a padlock.  

When we created the Nexkey platform, we thought about the future of work and couldn’t limit ourselves to just making the front door easier to access or more secure.

We set out to truly change how we access all kinds of physical spaces.

Watch our video to learn more about Nexkey and hear what our customers have to say!

Here’s why Nexkey is unlike smart locks or access control platforms you’ve seen:

  • Any door can be smart

Nexkey’s technology works with how the door unlocks instead of replacing the lock itself making it compatible with more doors and locks.  There has never been a door that Nexkey couldn’t make smart – yes even the dreaded sliding glass door.

  • Replace every key on your keychain

Nexkey can actually replace all keys. Looking beyond the front door, Nexkey is your key to any meetings room, private office, garage, and even supply cabinet on your smartphone!

  • Use existing door hardware

Like a magic trick, ask “Do you see any hardware on the door that would make it smart?”  When they say no, blow them away by opening the door with your phone anyways. Thank you Nexkey Controller! Landlords love it.

  • Designed for multiple doors and hundreds of users

Nexkey uses BLE so the smartphone can see proximity and minimize delays.  There may be 25 doors in the building but the Nexkey app will show you only the door nearby.  Even with a hundred of unlocks a day, Nexkey Core lasts 50,000 openings which on average is 14x longer than traditional smart locks. That’s 14 years if your current smart lock lasts one year.

  • One app for all things access

For some reason most access apps can only unlock doors.  Someone usually needs access at the worst times when the admin is not in front of the computer.  Nexkey enables admins to grant or revoke access all in the same app used to unlock doors, nearby and remote.

Backed by Upfront and K9 Ventures, Nexkey is made up of a smart and driven team in San Mateo, California working on this universal smart access platform.

Nexkey’s platform consists of software and beautifully designed hardware that makes it possible to transform a lock into a smart lock regardless of the door or lock hardware, and allows you to manage access right on your phone.  

Keys limit access to one place but we know the world will soon expect more.  For the same reason GetAround gives you instant access to a car and PayPal gives you instant access to pay your bills or shop online, Nexkey will give instant access to all physical spaces wherever you are.  

Seeing is believing so we invite you to demo Nexkey either in-person in Palo Alto or San Francisco or by video conferencing.  As we approach our Series A fundraising round, we would love if you can tell our story. If you think your readers would enjoy what Nexkey can do, then let’s continue the conversation so we can answer any question you may have.

Thank you for your time!

Erin Hartje
Marketing @ Nexkey
(408) 307-3534

Fundamentals of a Strong Preparedness Plan

Fundamentals of a Strong Preparedness Plan | #TpromoCom #Preparedness #Plan | Ensuring continuous business operations and the well-being of your people and facilities requires focused attention on crisis management, risk management, emergency response and business continuity management. Learn more about the fundamentals of making sure your business and people are prepared for the unexpected with this guide to business continuity management best practices.

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