An Affordable and Revolutionary Safety System that Will Enhance the Value of Your Property and Make it Safer !

The Outdoor Video Surveillance System that Thinks and Acts Like a Human

Limitations of Current Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Costly Vulnerable Many Cameras to View a Large Area Low Resolution

Cannot Continually Watch an Event Unfold

Crime is a huge problem for many multi-tenant commercial properties. For some the problem is so serious that law enforcement is forced to station a car within these micro-communities or in close proximity. It’s the responsibility of property owners to do all they can to secure outside common areas in an attempt to discourage bad people from doing bad things. If you’re looking for a way to create a crime-free environment at a reasonable price point, look no further. There’s no better way to achieve a higher level of security than to install the Memoreyes Model 360, a quality, intelligent, interactive video surveillance system.

Memoreyes: The New Safety System that Boasts Unprecedented Situational Awareness for Personal and Property Protection

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), thermal imaging, acoustical sound detection, radar, and a protective mobile app, combined with camera data, the Memoreyes Video System focuses on situational awareness for the protection of persons and property – even in a crowded parking lot! The complete system consists of two parts. The All Property System (Model 360) analyzes 360-degree target data–directing cameras to events while identifying, tracking, and recording unusual behavioral patterns, accidents, altercations, and loud noises. The Entrance System (Model 100), watches and records license plate numbers as well as other activities.



Model 360 cameras follow suspicious individuals from the time they enter the bounds of the property to when they leave. This, in addition to sound and lights, deter bad people from doing bad things.


Because of how these revolutionary cameras closely follow activities on the property, when an event occurs, the system alerts stakeholders as well as sounding a general alarm.


When an incident occurs, the Model 360 also documents, stores, and makes evidence available to authorized individuals. This documentation is often enough to convict the criminals involved.

No Ordinary Video System Can Do This!

See the Right Thing at the Right Time

The Model 360 can detect and track multiple incoming targets while monitoring the position of authorized persons. A smartphone app keeps verified patrons connected to the Memoreyes’ system at all times.

Even Outside its Field of View

There’s more going on outside the field of view of a typical camera than within it. Using thermal imaging, acoustical sound detection, and radar, the Model 360 analyzes 360-degree target data, focusing on situational awareness for the protection of persons and property.

Track Incidents Across an Entire Property

The system typically directs cameras to an event, thus identifying, tracking, and recording unusual behavioral patterns, accidents, altercations, and loud noises, such as a gunshot.

Provide Help in Seconds

The Model 360 can be programmed to notify everyone on site with the Model 360 mobile app including security or management. Notification to outside law enforcement also can be effected.

The All Property System

The All Property cameras are 1080p-HD Starlight video and come equipped with motion detection and an IR (Infrared) night vision system that allows them to see in the dark. Images are in color as oppose to black and white, even at night, up to 200 feet away from a target. The cameras are wirelessly connected to a Video Network Recorder inside the facility as well as the Cloud using special designed Ethernet Radios.

The Entrance System

The Entrance System comes complete with seven cameras, four to document cars that enter, pass by, and depart and three to read license plates, including the detection of vehicles that travel in the wrong direction.The system runs on low-voltage power and wirelessly connects to a Video Network Recorder inside the facility as well as on the Cloud using specially designed Ethernet Radios.

Benefits for Your Property

  • Enhances Resident Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Reduces Property Damage and Repair Costs
  • Reduces Need for Expensive Guards
  • No Capital Expenditure
  • Recognizes License Plates to Document Who’s On Property
  • Monitors Gate Performance to Detect Operational Issues
  • Improves Incident Response and Documentation
  • Incorporates Thorough Privacy Protections
  • Easy installation and Memoreyes’ full support
  • All upgrades to firmware are automatic and included in monthly price

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