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The Year 2000 Bug
Fact or Fiction?

Hi There,

Without a doubt the power is on at your house--otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. But, will the power remain on after 31 December 1999? Experts say that the Year 2000 Bug, as it's often called, may very well cause the lights to go out across the nation--perhaps across the globe--simply because computers and electronic controllers and devices with embedded microprocessors cannot read the year portion of the date.

I've tried to talk with my neighbors about this problem in the hope that an informed neighborhood might be able to better prepare for what could occur. But, true to human nature, most of them do not take it serious. Do you?

Computers are an everyday part of my life. I use one 7 to 9 hours a day for my full-time employer, Cahners Publishing Co., Chicago, as well as on my own time, taking care of three web sites and publishing an electronic magazine on the Internet. So, what do I know about how computers work :-).

In any event, for those who do not fully understand what the Y2K bug is all about, please refer to a short article I've written that provides the basics behind the problem. Will there be a problem--Yes. How much of a problem? No one knows for certain--yet. But, everyday that goes by, experts in the computer field seem to find more to worry about.

For those who care to know more about this issue, please check out the following story: The Year 2000 Controversy.

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