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A thought just occurred to me. We have all been inundated by the White House and certain Congressmen, via the media, on two points:

  1. The bad Republicans need to leave the President alone so he can get on with the peoples' business (never mind that several Democrats stood strong with them).
  2. Congress needs to drop the Impeachment Trial and get on with business at hand (which, frankly, is exactly what they are doing under their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution).

Well, if you were to ask me my personal opinion, I think they should all go home for at least six months of the year and do nothing. Maybe this would reduce the number of laws they create that criminalize more and more American citizens every year.

Congress should go home and stop creating programs that undermine parents' authority with their own children; and please, no more additional programs that will serve nothing more than to keep all of us working more of the year for Uncle Sam and not ourselves.

I don't know if you have figured it out yet, but just because someone in Washington says they intend to reduce the size of government does not mean that is REALLY what they intend to do. Everyone knows that there are people out there who will say anything it takes to get ahead. We know from experience that many people say one thing and do another.

Something to think about when you visit your tax man this year. Something to think about when your young 3 and 4 year-old children have their genitals inspected before they can enter Head Start. Something to ponder as your teens are required to carry papers or a barcoded, photo badge to identify him or herself. Something to think strongly on about the time that government further limits your religious freedoms (if you dare to have any).

Perhaps I should be like many people, Just go along with it, Al;or You can't fight city hall; or Just follow the program, Al but I've never been a follower. It's hard to start now. What about you? Does it hurt to think about the direction we're headed as a nation? Does it bother you to hear about intrusive programs being instituted in our public schools?

Do you really want to know what's going on in the world around you, in our government? To read about one teacher's fight against the intrusion of ID photo badges in one public school, click HERE., or click HERE to read about an ID badge program in all public schools in the UK. Hey, these are the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, don't you know?

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