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Breaking down That
Inner Wall of Resistance

19 January 2003

From time to time I have received e-mail thanking me for taking the time to 1) collect information, 2) analyze, 3) and publish my personal conclusions, as well as other's opinions, on this web site. Some of our readers have asked me why and how I came to do this.

The process of breaking through the wall of resistance that faces each and every one of us any time an idea outside the scope of our belief system impinges itself is something that I've been working at since a very early age. When I first learned hetro and auto hypnosis at the age of 13 or 14, I used it primarily on others in order to better understand the inner structure of the human mind. What I found fascinated me and illuminated my understanding of how my own mind worked.

I then began to use auto hypnosis on myself, in addition to hatha yoga, beginning at the age of 16. This is when I learned how to control my heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolic activities. That year I managed to lose 65 pounds in a month and a half. I used the same process recently between 1997 and 1999 when I lost over 130 pounds, which was confirmed by my medical doctor in 1999.

This is only one example of where I've used self hypnosis to do something that many have deemed impossible--and this was prior to the time when bio-feedback became popular. I use the same process to stop the bleeding when I cut myself shaving, or to slow my pulse and lower my blood pressure when I become angry. I also use it to shut out certain inner aspects of the world when I need to rest and find retreat.

Of course, as a Christian and a servant of Jesus Christ, I combine all of these techniques with intense prayer. The bottom line, I do not write unless I'm led to do so.

Reading through my early journals, you would quickly read of my ideas on the "filter" that shapes and molds our concept of reality. I've known for decades that there are 200+ billion realities on the world we call Earth. My sense of "more" has prompted me to break through that wall of resistance each and every time it presents itself. Since 1995, however, this effort has intensified as I've acquired a greater sense of mission.

Unless all of mankind decides to take the more difficult path through that wall of resistance, subjugation will surely follow. Once the top agenda now evolving before your eyes is thoroughly in place, it won't matter how safe and sound your little inner world may be, for the true and rightful reality of that moment will come crashing through.

The question is, are you willing to risk a future of enslavement (if not for yourself, then certainly for your children and posterity) for a little bit of safety of mind now? Please take the long, hard path and look beyond your nose.

Al Colombo, publisher

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