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Military On The Streets
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There was a day not that long ago (about 7 years ago) when Americans felt quite safe and sound without the U.S. Military flying into towns in the dead of night in black helicopters, dropping down ropes, shooting live ammo, and breaking down the doors of public buildings. Now it is becoming an all-too-common occurrence.

In Kingsville, Texas, the night of 18 February 1999, the U.S. Army went one step further by setting a building on fire and clipping the top of a telephone pole with one of their black helicopters (that don't exist--but now they do, so the military now admits). The Kingsville op was part of a larger SpecOp involving an elite group of regular Army, National Guard, and Army Reservists who conducted mock raids in Texas over the period of 8 to 20 February 1999.

So what is this Military On The Streets of America thing all about?

The United States military establishment has long talked of the new challenges that face them by enemies who, they say, will likely conduct war activities in the urban setting in the near future. Here is what the USMC Urban Warrior web page says about their push into the cities of America:

"Our enemies, having watched Desert Storm on CNN, know they cannot engage the United States with conventional methods. These potential foes view cities as a way to limit the technological advantages of our military. They know that cities, with their narrow streets, confusing layout and large number of civilian non-combatants, place limits on our technological superiority and especially our use of firepower. We have to develop technologies that allow us to win while minimizing collateral damage" (Col. Mark Thiffault, Director, Joint Information Bureau, Urban Warrior).

Okay, on it's face that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Or does it?

This concept, as stated by the USMC, makes the assumption that foreign terrorists will someday operate on the streets of America and that the U.S. Military will have to engage them street by street, building by building. What's wrong with this picture? What about the U.S. citizens? We have guns, and we certainly would not sit by while such an act of aggression took place, but read on....

MISSION STATEMENT: To support the national military strategy of preparing for the threats of a new century and a changing enemy.

Let's see if I have this right. Training on the streets of America supports the national military strategy, which will prepare our military for the threats of a new century and a changing enemy. What changing enemy? Again, I must ask. How could a foreign power successfully place a significant number of their military people in U.S. cities--unless they

  1. filtered in through the front door via lax immigration laws, or
  2. they are already here, entering through the back door via the United Nations joint training exercises that routinely take place here within the United States.

What do you think? Maybe someone should lock the front and the back doors? Let's read on...

"...To enhance domestic national security. To conduct and refine disaster relief and humanitarian assistance operations for use in the United States and abroad. To conduct urban combat operations and ready Marines for the likelihood that battles in the 21st Century will be focused in the world's rapidly expanding urban areas.

Although I'm Al, may I be frank? :-)

Until the last 7 years, the United States was totally different than Europe, Asia, or Latin America. While other countries saw terrorism occur every day, we here in the United States have been free and clear of it--until the last 5 years or so--since this administration took office. Now, the workings of government has the subtle feel of Europe, of Asia. Now, we're told that the country is over run with terrorists--I mean domestic terrorists. The federal government says it needs wide sweeping police powers so they can stop these horrible domestic terrorists.

Are we talking about common, ordinary criminals here? Or, are we talking about politically enraged individuals who make it a practice to blackmail governments by threatening to do harm to them or their citizens? This is an issue for another editorial, so allow me to get back to the issue at hand, U.S. Military on the streets of America.

Where else has US Military touched down on the streets of urban America? According to Dave , they have conducted maneuvers in the following cities:

Is that it? My word, no! But isn't it enough?

For one, there was a SpecOp conducted near Waynesburg, Ohio, in March of 1997. Black helicopters were witnessed by many individuals driving down Rte. 171 between Carrollton and Waynesburg, Ohio; soldiers in the field, helicopters in the air, for almost an entire afternoon. No word of it ever was spoken in the local press to my knowledge, but this op was held in the middle of rural America. How many other operations take place that we never hear about?

Perhaps there is nothing to be alarmed about. Perhaps we ought to be glad every time we hear a helicopter coming through the valley. For the past three years now, we've had no less than 2 flights of C-130s (always 3 in stagger formation) flying low over head and one or two helicopters, and yet I live in a rural area. Why the sudden increase in military activity?

For those who are still awake, take a look at Dave Kleber's web site at where you will read about the military ops that I mentioned above.

Also, for those who are interested in the U.S. Military's upcoming preparations for the Year 2000 situation, check out the recent pictures taken of the Columbus, Ohio, U.S. Army Reserve Unit conducting practice drills. To view it, click HERE.

Those who are content to not question or even care, you can go back to sleep now. :-)

Thanks for listening;

Al Colombo

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