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The Negative Affects of TV on Children

Tonight while visiting with my oldest daughter, she told me that some of the cartoon programs that her two boys watch, produced by one of the most well known production companies in the world, seems to center around the theme: KILL. She said that this was becoming an all-the-time affair.

She said, "Dad, it's really not like it was when I was a kid. Almost all of the cartoons made by ******** ********* involves killing. And, those that don't show someone killing someone have somebody saying 'I'm going to KILL him!' or something like that."

I'm all for freedom of speech, but teaching our young children all about killing at such early ages makes absolutely no sense to me. It's as if we've lost our common sense.

We, as parents and movie goers, have an obligation to our children and one another to let these producers and production companies know when they've stepped over the line. We need to tell them in two ways:

  1. We need to stop paying to see movies that have the theme KILL in them.
  2. We need to write letters to these companies and producers to tell them how disgusted we are with what they're turning out.
  3. And, because we cannot control what they put on television, we really need to keep a close eye on what our little kids watch. It's YOUR television, so turn it off if need be.

There are still good movies being produced. We need to do the responsible thing and watch the good ones... turn off the bad ones.

    Best Regards,

    Al Colombo

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