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You Better Stand Up Now!


For those who recall when I and others began posting information about this administration on the CanComm BBS about 3 years ago, especially those who laughed at us and told us we were just radical right wingers... have we not come a long way ... a long way downhill? What good is money if China blows us out of the water?

One of the other red flags that I see is the fact that we have so many monopolies now that we can't see the light of day. Not only are the militaries and political establishments of the world integrating (under the premise of "collective security"), but we also have major banking institutions, many of them International I'll bet, buying everything in sight, including insurance companies. Add to this the fact that laws are being passed that relax privacy protections, although some Congressmen are trying to stop it, but very soon your local bank will also legally have full access to your insurance and health records.

All of this under the banner of consumer savings... yea. In due time only a few major companies will own it all. When we come to that point, you can bet that there will be no laws left to protect us, and then the fun (for them) will begin. May as well give them your paychecks. While you work till May for Uncle Sam now, you'll be working until September before it's all over just to pay your taxes.

Until everyone gets mad enough to STAND UP and be counted, these (unamerican) people will continue to do what they are doing. Add to all of this the fact that once the guns are outlawed, there will be no chance to protect ourselves whatsoever. You don't believe me, check out your history book. One thing that doesn't change is HUMAN NATURE.


Al Colombo
An American

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