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Introducing the Smart Card Plan

How do you go about initiating a different way of thinking or a new technology, like the Smart Card when you know that most of the people won't accept it? Well, in the case of the smart card, if you represent the bank you simply continue using the traditional mag-stripe card but you embellish the phrase Smart Card on it.

Okay, now how will this instill the use of the real thing in the hearts and minds of the majority? Well, it will first of all get them use to the phrase itself. Then, when it comes time to introduce the real smart card technology, people will have carried a card around with them by the same name. Although some won't accept it for a period of time, many will. The more that do, the more that will. Why do you suppose that is?

Well, one reason is the more people that don't see people that do use them in checkouts and the like, the more they will see they work and that others enjoy using them. They will then want one, mostly just to fit in, to stay current, to be up to date with what's happening in the world around them.

Why should all of this concern us? Because smart cards bring up to the brink of cashlessness and, ultimately, the bio transponder chip that will ultimately be used to track every transaction that each one of us make both financially and otherwise. On a single chip that is so somall that it will be introduced into your body by a hyperdermic needle, your entire financial history, current status and other information will be kept. Your medical records could be stored on the same chip, as well as your professional qualifications and personal information.

There are those who will tell you that these embedded chips are going to enhance the way we interact with banks and how we purchase goods at stores. They'll make it sound as though it's a designer item that everyone wants, most likely starting with the young and working their way back to the more aged. Why should this concern you?

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