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What Is There About Sin?

What is it about sin that keeps us coming back for more? It is so amazing to me how I never quite dedicate all of myself to Jesus. There is always just a little bit of myself that I fail to give over to Him, a little portion of me that I fail to emmerse in the sunlight of the Father--and it's always this little bit of me that eventually causes me to stumble. What is there about sin that keeps me coming back for more?

-- Al Colombo (Journal Entry: 09/06/99)

Saint Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, adopted on the road to Damascus while enroute on a mission of persecution of believers of the Way, in his writings to the Romans, spoke of how his body often desired sin while his will desired to do the will of our Father in heaven. For St. Paul, as it is today with you and I, there appeared to be a struggle between spirit and flesh, and in his writings, he explained how these two opposing desires can co-exist within the same body (Romans 7:14-25).

Paul talked about his lower self, a statement that quite honestly brings to mind the possibility that those adopted into the family of Jesus also possess a higher self, which Paul refers to as the conscience. These matters are not well understood by many Christians, and certainly not those of material mind (I'm not suggesting that I have full understanding of this principle).

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