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While talking to a close friend, who just happens to be an amateur ham operator, about the recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) decision that would have denied NCE (Non Commercial Educational) status to a vast majority of religious broadcasters, he commented that it is rightly so. Of special interest was his comment that the FCC is now considering action regarding the large number of religious broadcasters now operating on shortwave frequencies.

"It's about time. There are far too many religious broadcasting stations on shortwave," he commented.

I found his comment both interesting and short sighted. Yes, I have to agree, there are a lot of religious broadcasters on shortwave. I made note of this fact just the night before while trolling through the 25 to 75 meter bands.

"That's nonsense," I recanted. "There is such a thing as a tuning dial on your radio. That's what it was put there for, Ed, so you could tune your radio anywhere on the band you want. If you don't like a religious station, then tune your radio to another frequency."

That seemed to quiet him down a bit.

"Ed, what do you think would happen if we allowed the government to silence a significant portion of those religous broadcasters? Although you and many others might be pleased, what about the implications for other types of broadcasting content later on?" I asked. "How long would it be until our government would try to shut down broadcasters who transmit political messages that are seen as contrary to the current regime?"

The implications for First Amendment rights is astounding.

This is not the only effort afoot where the government is working to stifle political messages by thwarting religious expression. Legal churches who are registered 501(c)(3) corporations are by law limited to what they can say against our governmental agencies, departments, and politicians.

It would seem that the proper course for churches who wish to express messages involving these subjects would be to not incorporate at all. However, some of the churches who decided to recend their 501(c)(3) status have been taken to court by the IRS and State in which they live (to read more about this, click HERE).

Please, don't let the political left snooker you into believing that these broadcasters are a nuisance, for this country was founded on religous freedom. This is what the First Amendment is all about.

We once were a nation that took great pride in our own diversity. This very administration has publically expressed pride in this very aspect of American life; and then, behind the scenes, worked to demonise certain groups that do not hold the same political beliefs.

The President, himself has worked very hard over the last 7 years to sway public opinion against certain groups and what they believe and stand for, labeling them as terrorists and criminals. Ask yourself whether this is truly the American way. Also inquire of yourself whether "this is the same democratic party that existed 20 years ago?" I think it's painfully apparent that it is not.

Instead of alientating religous folks, you should embrace them simply as fellow Americans who, like you, have a fundamental right to express themselves. What is the alternative? Suppression of religous expression would soon lead to the denial of other types and blends of thought, beliefs and ideals.

Anything less than what our founding fathers provided for is surely communism, only by a new name. So, as you flip your TV or radio through the channels and you hear all those religious broadcasters, you need to say to yourself: "Only in America!!" You should be proud of that and the fact that millions of people have immigrated here just because of this fact.

Please, God bless America.

Al Colombo

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