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Subject: 185 Side Effects
of PROZAC & Ritalin


The following list of side effects associated with Prozac should open anyone's eyes. If all of this is true, why are we giving this stuff to our kids for? I honestly can not understand the psychology behind drugging our kids with substances like this.

Al Colombo

>Sender: Jackie Patru <>
>Received a forwarded message some time ago regarding a gentleman's request
>for info on Prozac. Just pulled it out of my "TO ANSWER" file. After
>listing all these effects of PROZAC, thought you would like to have the info.
>The man's wife is pregnant and taking PROZAC. Naturally he is concerned
>and with good cause. From the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) Family
>Guide to Prescription Drugs, here's what it says about PROZAC:
>"More Common Side Effects may include:
>Abnormal dreams, agitation, anxiety, bronchitis, chills, diarrhea,
>dizziness, drowsiness and fatigue, hay fever, inablility to fall or stay
>asleep, increased apetite, lack or loss of appetite, light-headedness,
>nausea, nervousness, sweating, tremors, weakness, weight loss, yeawning.[21]
>Less Common Side effects may include:
>Abnormal ejaculation, abnormal gait, abnormal stoppage of menstrual flow,
>acne, amnesia, apathy, arthritis, asthma, belching, bone pain, breast
>cysts, breast pain, brief loss of consciousness, bursitis, chills and
>fever, conjunctivitis, convulsions, dark tarry stool, difficulty in
>swallowing, dilation of pupils, dimness of vision, dry skin, ear pain,
>exaggerated feeling of well-being, excessive bleeding, facial swelling due
>to fluid retention, fluid retention, hair loss, hallucinations, hangover
>effect, hiccups, high or low blood pressure, hives, hostility, impotence,
>increased sex drive, inflammation of the: esophagus, gums, stomach lining,
>tongue, and vagina, intolerance of light, involuntary movement, irrational
>ideas, irregular hearbeat, jaw or neck pain, lack of muscle coordination,
>low blood pressure upon standing, low blood sugar, migraine headache, mouth
>inflammation, neck pain and rigidity, nosebleed, ovarial disorders,
>apranoid reaction, pelvic pain, pneumonia, rapid breathing, rapid hearbeat,
>ringing in the ears, severe chest pain, skin inflammation, skin rash,
>thirst, twitching, uncoordinated movements, urinary disorders, vague
>feeling of bodily discomfort, vertigo, weight gain. [62]
>Rare Side Effects may include:
>Abortion, anti-social behavior, blood in urine, bloody diarrhea, bone
>disease, breast enlargement, cataracts, colitis, coma, deafness, decreased
>reflexes, dehydration, double vision, drooping of eyelids, duodenal ulcer,
>enlarged abdomen, enlargement of liver, enlargement or increased activity
>of thyroid gland, excess growth of coarse hair on face, chest, etc., EXCESS
>UTERINE or VAGINAL HEMORRHAGE, extreme muscle tension, eye bleeding, female
>milk production, fluid accumulation and swelling in the head, fluid buildup
>in larynx and lungs, gallstones, glaucoma, gout, HEART ATTACK, hepatitis,
>hight blood sugar, hysteria, inability to control bowel movements,
>increased salivation, inflammation of: eyes, eyelids, fallopian tubes,
>testes, gallbladder, small intestine, tissue below skin, and lung
>inflammation, kidney disorders, menstrual disorders, mouth sores, muscle
>inflammation or bleeding, muscle spasms, painful sexual intercourse for
>women, psoriasis, rashes, reddish or purplish spots on the skin, reduction
>of body temperature, rheumatoid arthritis, seborrhea, shingles, skin
>discoloration, skin inflammation and disorders, slowing of heart rate,
>slurred speech, spitting blood, stomach ulcer, stupor, suicidal thoughts,
>taste loss, temporary cessation of breathing, tingling sensation around the
>mouth, tongue discoloration and swelling, urinary tract disorders, vomiting
>blood, yellow eyes and skin". [72]
>>From the book, "Psychiatry The Ultimate Betrayal", by Bruce Wiseman, pg
>211-212, "On September 11, 1989, Joe was not doing well. He was restless
>and pacing. In his psychiatrist's words, he exhibited an 'increased level
>of agitation and anger.' The psychiatrist wrote, 'PLAN - DISCONTINUE
>PROSAK WHICH MAY BE CAUSE'. Three days later, carrying a gun, Joe walked
>into his former place of employment, a printing plant in Louisville,
>Kentucky, and opened fire on the people he used to work with. When the
>shooting stopped, Joseph Wesbecker had gunned down 20 people. Eight of them
>died. The disturbed gunman then turned his weapon on himself. High levels
>of ProzaC were found in his bloodstream.... Jacqui Miller, shot four times
>in the melee, was one of the last persons to see Wesbecker alive. 'I
>looked up into the face of who was holding the rifle,' she said. 'He was
>completely gone. There was just nothing there of what makes a person a
>person. He was totally out of it'."
>On page 10 of the same book... "Here are some first-hand accounts of life
>on psychiatric drugs.
>PROZAC: "I became violent toward my husband," reported Janet Sims. "I
>would be happy one minute, and the next minute I would be very angry,
>throwing dishes and glass items and other breakable things. I also
>attacked my husband with my fists and tried to scratch his face... While on >Prozac, my marriage fell apart... While on Prozac I started to have
>obsessive suicidal thoughts. [I thought] that I should just destroy my body
>in any way I could."
>RITALIN: Mrs. Verne Watson was compelled by school officials to give the
>drug to her son to handle his 'hyperactivity'. "David would complain he
>didn't like the feel of his body when he took the pills," she said. "It >took his appetite away and he would cry a lot. His dreams got so bad he
>couldn't even talk about them. He would get up in the night and walk the
>floor for hours. His body would shake and quiver something terrible."
>Finally one day, her son collapsed before school and told her, "I just
>can't take them anymore, they're torturing me."
>Recall, folks... the boy in Oregon who shot up his friends in school? He
>was on Prozak. One of the classmates said he had a totally blank look on
>his face. When he was tackled and held down by the boys, they said, "He
>kept yelling, 'just shoot me! Shoot me!' " The boy will be tried as an
>adult, yet one wonders if he had any choice about taking Prozak. The boy
>in Arkansas had been on Ritilin. He will also be tried as an adult.
>Without referring to the newspaper article, I can't recall which was which,
>but both in Pennsylvania and Arkansas the friends said the shooters drew
>pentagrams and "666"'s on notebooks. Is this rash of shootings a result of
>psychotropic drugs being given to the children in combination with satanic
>cult involvement? Whatever the cause it seems apparent the innocent
>children are being used to further the passing of more stringent gun laws.
>It might be a good idea to get articles and give the information to state
>legislators who will fall for the propaganda they're fed and vote our
>gun-rights out of existence.
>PENNSYLVANIA legislators have introduced - already - a "gun control
>package" to keep guns out of the hands of children. However, when the
>teen-agers in Pennsylvania tortured and hung a friend who was going to
>reveal their plans to run away, it wasn't a front-page story. It appeared
>on page 56 near the obituaries. Why? THEY DIDN'T USE GUNS. Who cares if
>a child dies by hanging or axing? or KILLS by a rope or an axe? Our
>children are being used to further gun confiscation the same as the OKCity
>bombing was used to implement the "Anti-Terrorism Act" and the so-called
>WAR ON DRUGS is being used to confiscate tainted property. This
>information is useless unless it is brought to the attention of those state
>legislators who are making the laws under which their constitutents live or
>die - are free or enslaved.
>The U.S. Congress can pass all the gun laws it wants which only apply to
>the federal zone (Washington, D.C.) and territories and possessions. Watch
>your states, folks. You'll see this is a true statement. Your state
>governments will be passing the implementing legislation. Take a look at
>the forfeiture laws in New Jersey. It isn't just drugs. According to
>Congressman Henry Hyde the state laws now allow property seizure for all
>felonies... including shop lifting.

Editor's Note: I find this frightening news, especially since elimination of private property by rebels is one of the points called for in Carl Marx and Friedrich Engles' 10-Point Plan for Communism. To read more about this 10-Point Plan, go to

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