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Promise Keepers Keep Their Promise

Everyone should keep their promise, and no less the multi-cultural men of Promise Keepers. Although the intent may have been to chase people away from this controversial group and their Washington event, it appears that it had the exact opposite effect. I know there are some who will not agree with me, but I thought that TIME's Ron Stodghill II did a fairly good job of reporting on this group's march on Washington.

I was utterly shocked at the number of people who criticized these men, the group, and its founder, Bill McCartney, age 57. Were these antagonists unhappy with the Promise Keepers doctrines? Did Promise Keepers do or say something wrong? Are large groups of women and blacks the only people who can demonstrate in Washington? If so, the Promise Keepers had plenty of both to show for their efforts, although this is basically an all-men group.

The NOW organization, a feminist group, passed a resolution calling the Promise Keepers "the greatest danger to women's rights" (TIME, October 6, 1997 issue). NOW allegedly opposed the march because Promise Keepers teaches their male members to take responsibility for their families' daily devotions to Jesus Christ/God.

Alfred Ross and Lee Cokorinos, authors of PROMISE KEEPERS: THE THIRD WAVE OF THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS RIGHT, said, "In its conception and execution, Promise Keepers is one of the most sophisticated political movements the right wing has yet conjured up."

Here is the essence of my editorial. Because this is America, every man, woman and child is entitled to a political view. As citizens, we are entitled to voice our opinions in this regard and promote our political party of choice. Every member of a local PTO or a church organization, for example, has their own political slant. If the majority of PTO or church members happen to lean to the left or the right in their political views, then when they vote on important issues, they will vote their heart--which is perfectly normal and to be expected. Of course, those who opposed the majority vote will naturally accuse the latter of being politically biased. :-)

With that said, because this is the United States, the land of the free, NOW, Ross/Cokorinos, the groups and individuals who voiced criticism over the Promise Keepers, as well as the Promise Keepers themselves, have the right to voice their opinions. If this nation should ever come to the place where any one of these groups are prevented from doing anything less than that, then freedom will have died and our homes and workplaces will no longer be safe and secure for habitation. --Al Colombo

Best Regards,
Al Colombo

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