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Are We Really Powerless?

Al Colombo

This is America, the land of the free; the land of opportunity. It is here that democracy rules. And yet, most people feel powerless to change the course of America, even though they know we're fast becoming a Godless nation. A nation without God is a nation of people who will one day soon suffer. Not only are the political and economic forces that we battle tremendously powerful, but the spiritual forces that are at work redesigning the focus and priorities of this great nation are even more powerful and difficult to overcome. So people feel powerless to do anything at all about it, so they sit by and do nothing at all.

The question is, do we have power to change things?

It's true, we don't have the power to change things in a day, month, a year, two years, or maybe even five years; but, I believe that we do have the power to influence how lawmakers vote on capital hill. And yet I hear it all of the time: "I don't like what's happening, but what can I do about it? I'm only one person you know." or "Sure, I don't like what they're doing in Washington, but I can't do anything about it. Can I?"

Maybe there's more that we can do than we realize.

The majority of us have resigned ourselves to whatever fate that lawmakers decide for us without making our thoughts known. Why, in the 1950s, 1960s, and probably even the 1970s, if the President of the United States had negotiated and signed a lease for a closed U.S. Naval Base (on U.S. soil) with the Red Communist Chinese, the phones would have rung off the hook at the White House and every single Congressmans' home and office in both Washington and their own State capital.

Not only that, but the newspapers would have had big writeups on the front page telling about the arrangement with the Communists. When I read about the recent leasing of the U.S. Long Beach Naval Base in the local newspaper here in Ohio, it was buried in the middle of the newspaper, not on the front pages.

Before you go and blame your local newspaper, keep in mind that they, as all media, strive to give their readers/listeners EXACTLY what they want to read and hear about. The majority of people today do not want to hear about conspiracies, government plots, and other unpleasant topics. So, your media people have responded by either ignoring the REAL NEWS or giving you the more pleasant news so you'll continue to buy their publication/service.

So, if you're like most people, you probably did not hear about the Long Beach affair. I say this with confidence because even though I read about Clinton's agenda in this regard, nearly EVERYONE I've talked to here locally did not know a thing about it! And yet, it was in the local newspaper.

Another issue that most Americans know nothing about, and yet it could become one of the biggest problems for the United States at some point ahead is the agreement made within the last year between Russia and China to join militarily and economically to stop the American aggression of democracy. I read about this agreement, which was made after a summit between the two countries, in the local paper. Again, this clip was placed in the middle of the newspaper; and so, EVERYONE I've asked locally about it have heard nothing about this agreement against the United States!

Did I say against the United States?? Yes, I surely did, for when any two nations make an agreement to join militarily and economically against another nation, I do not see this as an act of friendship. And yet, our federal government is wining and dining both countries, playing host and providing big money loans and giving China most favored nation trading status, when all the time both countries have publically said they intend to stop the agression of democracy. What do they intend to do with all that money they are making from their trading efforts in the U.S. ..... stop the American agression of democracy.

We need to get informed, stay informed, and inform our law makers that we do not want to continue these hair-brained practices that not only cost this country billions of dollars, but have also resulted in the export of jobs and companies. No matter what our leadership tells you, if we do not turn this thing around soon and stop this, there will be no more decent-paying jobs and no more industrial companies in the United States. Instead of being a developed country, we'll become a developing country at some point in the far future, after we finally recover, if we finally recover. Just because you have a good job now is no reason not to care about your neighbors' job. for In due time, if your neighbors cannot buy your services or wares, eventually you will not have a job either!

A very good friend of mine, Rev. Simon Horn, recently pointed out to his congregation that it is very clear to anyone who looks closely at the financial condition of this country that we are actually a bankrupt nation! He says that instead of really doing anything about this big problem, our government continues to tell everyone that things are fine. In addition, we continue to pass out, hand out our hard-earned money to people and nations who do not deserve it. This country is in trouble, and yet our leaders continue to brush it all aside and pretend that everything is better than it has ever been.

Simon also pointed out that this great country was founded on British Common Law, which was based on Old Testament precepts. This IS a Christian nation, and to take Christ or even God out of everything public is the very thing that will cause God to punish this country. It's almost to the point where you cannot mention the word God or Jesus Christ in public in some areas of public life. A nation without God is a thankless nation, a Godless nation, a doomed nation.

We need to unbury our heads, take them out of the sand, and write letters to our Congressional representatives. We shouldn't stop there either. We should call them, fax them, send e-mails, and not be afraid to let them know that we disagree with them. They need to know when we do not like what they're doing.

Best Regards

Al Colombo

P.S. One last thing. There are those who believe that my comments are politically motivated and they see my reference to President Clinton as a political one. But, it is not. I may be a Republican by choice, but even if Mr. Clinton were a Republican, if I heard of our President or a Congressman doing the things that Mr. Clinton has done, I'd be on his case just as surely as I am on Bill Clinton's now.

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