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A Page Out Of Al's Diary: May 17, 1999

As I have expanded my personal radius of awareness I have come to see that the current problem of evil is distributed across much of society. I have worked to understand where it is centered, but the returning ping comes from all sides.

I have been able to sense the source of today's push toward global domination and it, too, is very difficult to determine. It's not as widely dispersed, but it is much easier to identify it by the organization, rather than the individuals. Of course, I had a helping hand by way of Saint John and his description of the Beast.

As I scanned some web pages on the website of the University of Toranto, concerning the G7 and G8, I came to realize that much of my targeted feelings come by way of the U.N. itself.

I think what I'm totally amazed at is the number of people who are working for this goal. I wonder how many of them really understand what the ultimate goal really is. Many of them may very well be sincere in their efforts at global peace, disappearing country lines, the recinding of private property rights, on and on... but they do not have the whole picture.

When Judas realized what he had done by his betrayal of Jesus Christ, there is little doubt in my mind that he sincerely understood the import of his action, and he then took his own life. The jump from then to now has been a short one. Jesus knew us when He formed the foundation of this world. He knew us from the very beginning.

Who is it that's responsible for the horrid condition of today's troubled youth? Their parents, grandparents, their teachers? It's an invisible enemy we are engaged in and he takes all the inmates that his hellish prison can hold. We must deprive him of as many as possible. We must do whatever Jesus, our Lord, asks of us. Nothing less will do. I must continue to pray for strength.


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