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We all have complaints, and no less I. But, when people complain about their government and yet they fail to do anything about it, I grow tired of listening. When I ask them how many times they've called Washington, D.C. to voice their opinion to their Congressman on the telephone, most of the time I hear, "That doesn't do any good! Why bother?"

E-mails come and go, and I get my share of them. Some people have plenty of good things to say while others share what they find on the Internet. Others tell me about what they hear from other people about our government. When I ask them the last time they sent their Congressmen an E-mail, telling them how they would like them to vote, they tell me "I don't know their E-mail addresses" or "It won't do any good anyway, so why waste my time?"

Snail mail takes time to get from here to there, and there is little doubt that there is power in them, there written words. I often talk to people about the state of politics today and how the morals and ethics of those in office have fallen so. When I ask them how many letters they've written to their Congressmen over the past 12 months, I usually either get a silly look or I hear, "Well, none I guess" or "They won't listen to me anyway."

You want my personal opinion. I'd rather fight now for my freedom with WORDS and PEN than later with a GUN!! What about you?

For those who think that revolution is this country's evolution, I suggest you jump on the front lines right now by picking up your pen, telephone, fax machine, or keyboard and write your Congressmen a letter. If we fail to win the battle with WORDS, sacrificing only a little time, money and energy, someday we may find it necessary to sacrifice our lives.

Best Regards,
Al Colombo

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    Best Regards and Best of Luck,

    Al Colombo

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