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Enforcing Peace --
An Equation For War!

A Page From Al's Diary, May 10, 1999

As I read Tom Slick's book, Permanent Peace[1], I see a misguided effort to enforce peace. What an equation for war!

Such a world would become static. Countries would remain the same. Or, their identities would be absorbed by the international government, which I believe is the United Nations.

Man was meant to argue and fight when necessary to preserve the values of his community [and his religious beliefs]. When those values [and beliefs] are threatened, he will fight against that [or whomever] threatens it.



[1] Permanent Peace, authored by Tom Slick, published by Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Copyright 1958, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 58-12698.

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