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Elimination of State Rights
By Executive Order


Recently the President issued an Executive Order, EO13083, that acts to eliminate state rights guaranteed us by the 10th Amendment. Please know that if he is allowed to do this without Congress repealing it, that states will no longer be in charge of their own affairs. This is bad business for states, for us.

Please call the capitol at once and ask to talk with your Senators and House of Representative(s). The 800 number is 800-504-0031. Tell them that you oppose EO13083 and that you want to know where the Senator/Congressman stands on it. Please also let your House of Representative(s) know that Congressman Collins will soon submit a bill to repeal this EO and ask him to back this effort.

Our state rights to rule their own affairs is NOW at issue!! We have reached the end of the line folks in that if we fail to act on this, the down-hill decent will be much more rapid than at any time in history! Please, if you've ever valued your freedoms and rights on a local level, please do this now.

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