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U.S. Troops Help Squelch Freedom in Bosnia

SARAJEVO; 01 October 1997 -- U.S. troops under NATO surrounded radio and television stations in Bosnia, stopping all broadcast activities. The reason, as reported by public radio and the Associated Press, was a complaint from the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal concerning inaccuracies in reporting and anti-Dayton sediment. The United States has long championed the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Obviously the U.N., in practice, does not recognize these rights.

It is my personal opinion that U.S. Congress should not allow U.S. troops to partake in ANY operation that squelches free speech and the freedom of the press. For U.S. troops to take part in this kind of operation is ludicrous for it flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution. Will the U.N. someday shut down U.S. newspapers, television and radio stations because they publish news and commentaries that differ from U.N. policy? Will the U.N. someday crack down on U.S. citizens that do not agree with their one-world global government slant, arresting them for what they publish and say on the Internet?

If we, as Americans, do not voice our ourtrage at this event in Bosnia at this time, we could very well someday face the same fate here in this country. Just twenty years ago the switchboards at the Capital would have been jammed with phone calls over this situation. The U.S. Post Office would have had to assign additional workers to handle the sudden increase in letters to Congress. What's happened to all of us? We the People once were mighty, brave, and proud. Today we cower in our homes while American boys (and girls) are whisked off to execute the political agendas of the U.N. and other governments. Don't you think it's time that We the People tell Washington, "NO!"?

Al Colombo

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