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Loretta Young Passes
at age 87

On August 18th, an absolutely wonderful actress died at the age of 87, Loretta Young. As a young boy I had a crush on Loretta. I adored her and I watched her show, The Loretta Young Show, every chance I got. There was something about that woman that I was absolutely in love with, and now I know what it was. It took me nearly 40 to 45 years to come to this realization, but now I know.

First, she projected a positive, upbeat attitude that made you want to hug her. Second, she was a devoted Catholic, although, at the time, I was a Protestant boy staying by day with a Methodist minister and his family.

According to an article in the Catholic Exponent, August 18, 2000, Loretta prayed the rosary and attended Mass every day. She took part in the Catholic-sponsored Family Theater Productions for 53 years winning an Oscar and Emmy, starring in nearly 100 films over the course of her acting career.

Although we were thousands of miles and many, many years apart, I will never forget those wonderful afternoons watching her shows. I know I do not have to pray to the Father for her salvation, for I know within my heart where she now resides; but I'd like to pray for her anyway. I'd also like the Holy Mother to thank her for me, for a job well done while she was here on earth.

I hope and pray that when I leave this earth for my real home, that others who know me will be able to say the same thing.

Goodbye, Loretta.


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