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When the United States... I mean NATO, began bombing Yugoslovia because of alleged attrocities, I thought to myself, "Maybe the people behind this do have good intentions;" But, even if this is true, there is such a thing as International Law and Yugoslovia is a sovereign nation. Thus, we have no business bombing the Serbs.

Here's what the AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes (WIN #12-99, 24 March 99) said about this:

A number of military professionals in the Pentagon were reported to have opposed the action, arguing that "it created more problems than it solves" and urged other solutions. This apparently was a time that the military actually urged restraint, but according to multiple sources, the President was determined to send in the bombers. The operation is under full control of the White House. This is Mr. Clinton's war, according to military sources.

You have got to ask yourself the question, "Why has President Clinton taken it upon himself to bomb Slobodan Milosevic if his military advisors told him it wouldn't work?" Here's what the Los Angeles Times said about this:

A prominent Democratic fund-raiser claims there was a direct link between the head of China's military intelligence and illicit financial contributions that allegedly went to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Gen. Ji Shengde, the head of Chinese military intelligence, sent $300,000 in campaign donations to Johnny Chung, a Democratic fund-raiser in Southern California, The Times reported Sunday.

There are those who are now saying that Prezident Clinton wagged the dog again to divert attention away from the on-going investigation. Personally, it's beginning to look that way to me as well. And yet it appears that the majority of Americans continue to sit by and let him do his thing without lifting their voice in objection.

Please, if you care about your country, if you care about the thousands of innocents in Yugoslavia who do not deserve NATO bombs dropped on their sovereign soil, if you care enough to prevent World War III, then you had better--all of us had better write a letter, send a fax, launch an e-mail to our Congressional Representatives and Senators in opposition to what is now going on.

If you don't care enough to stand up for what's right, then who will? If you're interested in making your voice heard, then please do it right now. If you don't know who your Congressional people are, then click here to find out: Contact Of The Congressional Kind.

Thanks for listening;

Al Colombo

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