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Why Shoot Ourselves In The Foot?

I'm totally amazed! This evening I sat and listened to President Clinton discuss the pending cyber threat from domestic and international terrorists against our financial institutions, military agencies, and other public and private entities. Because all of this is being linked to the INTERNET, all of this is VULNERABLE to attack!! I have no problem buying that.

I've got the solution my dear friends... DISCONNECT ALL OF THIS STUFF FROM THE INTERNET!!!!!!! Why in the world would we even want to shoot ourselves in the foot by setting up the very mechanism that will be our own undoing? Isn't this essentially what our federal government is telling us is likely to occur?

Now, here's the real question I ponder, and you should too. Why would our own federal government push American society to connect all of these mission-critical computers to the very mechanism that they say terrorists will use to threaten our nation's defenses?

Never before in our history have we, to my knowledge, loaded the very gun that threatens to shoot us! I don't know about you, but I begin to seriously wonder what all of this is really about. Put all of this together with the most recent China Link investigation and the technology-gate situation, where vital missile technology was handed over to Communist China by two American companies, and you have to wonder.

If vital, mission-critical computers are in danger of take over or a major crash, then let's disconnect all of them from the Internet and be done with it!! Or, does the federal government really want to solve this problem at all?

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